How To Mount fan(s) on the north bridge heatsink


I am interested in mounting (4) 40mm fans on the north bridge chip set of an asus P5e.

motherboard below


I am inquiring in regards to the method; specifically which direction you would advise pointing the fans and and materials. Also the material suggestions are welcomed, [the prefered types of adhesive or otherwise]. Your thoughts and views about how to accomplish this are very much appreciated.
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  1. Why, if it needed active cooling I'm sure it would have been put on there. Small fans have to run faster to push as much air. I'd just reccomend getting good airflow in the case. Much easier, cheaper and safer then trying to mod on small fans that aren't needed.
  2. In the past, I have used a small drop of silicone 2 adhesive to glue a fan to a NB. Just put a small drop on the center of the fan shoud and have the fan blow straight down onto the NB. This stuff is flexible, heat resistant, and will cleanly peel off in the event of an RMA.
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