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I currently have 1950PRO (agp) running on AMD 3000+ pc (win XP) and I have installed Catalyst Control Center. It seems to me that it is little bit slowing my pc down and becouse Im going to reinstall whole system soon, Im looking for other solution.
My question is: what is best driver + utility software (or is it best to run just with drivers?) apropriate to my system?
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  1. I don't understand what you mean. Display drivers? You need them. And the latest ones are usually the best.

    For utility software, you don't need them, unless you want to do something like OCing.
  2. I know I need display driver... Im asking which one is the best.
    I know at least of two options: ATI Catalyst and Radeon Omega drivers

    Second question is, if it is good to have utility software installed (I like for example temperature checking) but Im not sure if it is worthy (and if Omega have better utility then CCC)
  3. If you have the CLI enabled on startup, it will add to your bootup time a bit. You can disable it via msconfig, but if you access CCC, it will take a little bit longer. I have it disabled on my other PC with an ATI card.
  4. I have a X1950pro PCIe, the lastest Cataylst drivers seem to be the fastest, and most stable to overclock.
  5. and do someone have experience with Omega drivers and utility?
  6. Omega drivers are not supposed to be faster. They are just tweaked or adjusted using the settings that are already available in the control panel. Rather, preadjusted for optimum picture quality and generally have some additional resolutions available when you install them. Nothing you could not do yours self with time and some knowledge. Have a read at Omega's website. I personally like them alot.
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