My current setup

Right theres my spec.

Couple of questions

1. Any overclocking reccomendations?
2. The psu is a 450W one that came with the case can it handle my specs?
3. Been saving up some money any reccomended buys?

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Scott (Hellramsden)
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  1. 1. What's your mobo? X38/48?
    2. What's the psu make & model?
    3. What's your budget & primary upgrade goal?
  2. i live in UK and i got the PSU from that case the exact same one. the cooler you got should let you OC all the way to 3.8Ghz. but there are cheaper and better cooler to get then that aging Zalman. dont waste your money on it. get the Xigmatech S1283 its much better.

    i think i can help you beter if you tell me whats your budget?
  3. i'd say the 450W PSU would be sufficient, but just in case use the thermaltake power calculator found here:
  4. iluvgillgill..

    I currently own this setup.

    auscanzuku s...

    1. What's your mobo? X38/48? How do i check?
    2. What's the psu make & model? came with case no stickers or anything
    3. What's your budget & primary upgrade goal? £200 GBP
  5. 1. Get this to find out your specs:

    2. Are you sure there's no sticker on the psu? There should be one on the left side.

    3. If you have a P965, P35, P45, X38 or X48 mobo, go ahead and try overclocking the cpu and maybe the ram. Your cpu is:

    1066 / 4 * 9 = 2398.5 or ~2.4Ghz

    You can get ~3Ghz out of it.

    400 * 8 = 3.2Ghz (400MHZ FSB)
    400 * 7 = 2.8Ghz

    BTW, read this for o/cing c2d:

  6. Hope this helps
  7. That board will o/c.

  8. So far i have managed this.

    Is there any problems so far.

    Also how far do you think i can go?
  9. Looks good.

    ~3Ghz on air.
  10. looks good so far. i think you might be able to get abit more out of it.
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