Trouble Finding somthing decent, that will last... and work.

heres the deal,

Currently Running: Socket A: AMD Althon XP 3000+ 2.13456GHz sinlge chip
ddr1 2gigs 438mhz
agp8x GeForce 6600GT
Some drives ( alll good drives )

Sitting waiting on the shelf in my cloest in a box...
AMD althon 64 x2 64000+ 3.2GHz
4gigs DDR2 800 ( 1 gig sticks )
one supper cool heat sink and fan.

The Problem:
Im on a tight budget... really tight budget.
Imtrying to find a mother board that has;
Support for my current chip.
Support for dd2 800 Min of 4gigs
aleasts 4 sata ports max of 6 would do.
2 PCIe 2.0 slots
1 -2 PCI
Not worried about other PCIe slots
and On board video somthing small just to run WoW and a few other simple games maybe 2142?

The onboard with 2 PCIe slots is where im finding problems at. theres a few boards that i have seen which meet my specs i think im looking for but are so costly that i mise well sell a liver or my pancriuse.

The reason for the on board is im hoping to hold out long enough for ATi to release its 4000 series video cards, or the 3850's to come down in price, or versly the 3870s to be fixed so they dont over heat and fail. Id really like a 3850 HIS ATi card but after reading indeepth about the from what other have experienced the card seem to get so hot that it fails or draws too much from the PSU and goes pop, somthing around 65c and it crashes. was looking at the 3850 due to it being cheaper and a safer bet, but again I dont have alot to spend on hardware, i broke my bank quite literaly witht he CPU and the memory i got.

Im hoping for onboard video to last untill i figure out what to do (3870 vs 3850 wise) or tie me over till new hardware is released and comes down in price so i can afford it.

Was also looking at an Antec 900 case due to it has all the niftty buttons at the very top corner and is currently 99 bucks from, hoping it comes down another 10$-20$
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  1. Have you seen GA-780 something? I forgot the full name (and not sure wheter it's 2 PCIE 2.0 or 1, sorry), it's equipped with ATI 1xxx something onboard ...

    Indeed it's really difficult to find something for your requirements.. Normally onboard mobos are only equipped with one PCIe ...

    What about 140$ 790X mobos? Add it with some 30$ vga card ... Well it still too much I'm aware ... 170$ in total ... Another problem none of previous chipset (before 770) from AMD has PCIe 2.0 ... And I don't see any other option ...

    Are you really want to do crossfire in the future ... Then best to wait for couple of weeks until you have enough money and/or price dropping ..
  2. See it has to be an AM2 board, im hoping to find one with 2x PCIe-2.0 and onboard video so i can old off and wait for ATi's 4000 series chips to release.

    790x chips are intel boards, 770's only have one PCIe - 1.0, id settle for 1 PCIe 2.0 with onboard video and a few sata ports, if only that animal existed, i bet it would growl.
  3. No no, 790 is not intel board, guess you're mistaken with NVIDIA nforce 790i chipset. The one that I mean is AMD 790X chipset.

    Also 770 is equipped with one PCIe 2.0 slot.

    And this is the AMD 780:

    I couldn't find any other mobo with support for PCIe 2.0 for AMD processor, sorry . .

    If you can content with one PCIe 2.0 slot, go for 770, it goes around 80$ I guess.
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