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I wish to stick my computer in the living room. Before I do that, I want to copy my data off to an external device, then I'll format and reinstall on that computer.

I want my data to be somewhat secure, so not just anyone in the house (two not-so-tech-savvy-girls) can access my stuff.

Can someone recommend something relatively cheap? Space is not an issue really I don't think, so even something smaller like a 160GB or 200GB would be an option
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  1. Get a Western Digital Passport Drive. AFAIK they have up to 320 gb available. It comes with WD Sync, which is really nice. You can automatically backup/copy your files, emails and other stuff to your external hard drive and it's encrypted on the fly, so only with the password you can access it.

    Also, the interface it's not pretty but it's really functional. It comes with email, files, internet favorites, contacts, calendar, taks and notes that can all be accessed in one program. you can actually send/receive emails through it...

    I hope you like it...
  2. You could use any external drive you want and encrypt it with True Crypt. It's not the easiest thing to use, but to me it's easier than reinstalling windows... True Crypt is free too, and as long as you pick a pass they couldn't guess, there's no way they would see your stuff.

    You could also use it to encrypt part of the computers internal drive if you wanted. I haven't tried that personally, but I would think any option that would protect your data for free is a good option.
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