Need some help with my new computer

I just got a new computer from Dell this week and I am having issues already.

On my screen I get little boxes after having the internet up, or a picture or anything. The boxes are pink, green, purple, etc. See the picture below.

I have installed new drivers, uninstalled them, updated them, etc. Then I called Dell support and they did they same thing. When that didn't work they told me to do a full system restore- that didn't work either.

The video card is a nvidia 8600gt and I downloaded the drivers from website as of yesterday. I have also tried multiple DVI cables.

I read that bad memory elsewhere can cause issues like this or that it is strictly video card issue.

Any help? Dell said I might have to send it back to them and I want to avoid doing that if I can.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. That looks like a video card artifact. If you see them in the desktop like that, it's usually means 2D clocks are unstable. Since you probably didn't OC your vidcard, I'm guessing that the card itself can't handle the speeds.

    One way to test if this is indeed the problem is to get a OCing tool, such as Rivatuner and ATI tools. Learn how to use them, and then down clock the 2D clock speeds and see if the problem goes away. If it does, the vidcard is defective.
  2. Thank you for your reply. I will call Dell with this new info. Maybe it will be just easier to request a new card.

    Thanks again.
  3. idk, I sort of like the look :D
    sort of psychedelic

    Yeah Evil. is right. Down clock the card and see if it goes away.
    Otherwise get in touch with Dell tech. support. They can usually be pretty good (at least for me)
  4. Silverion77 said:
    idk, I sort of like the look :D
    sort of psychedelic

    Maybe I should of asked if those things are part of the wallpaper or not. :lol:
  5. I believe its the ram on the video card. Download Ntune and check temps.

    It could be your ram (sticks) Download memtest and let it run 24 hours,
  6. Something is definitely wrong with your video card.
  7. Two questions:
    Is it a Dell card or a retail card?
    Dell drivers or Nvidia drivers (and which ones)?
  8. It is a Dell card (I haven't "touched" the computer, it is how they shipped it to me).

    Dell support logged onto my computer and downloaded drivers from their site, but that didn't work.

    Then the computer was factory restored and then the drivers were downloaded from Nvidia's website instead to see if that worked.

    I contacted Dell today and they said they are going to ship me a video card which I will install myself, and if that doesn't work then they plan to have a tech install a new motherboard.

    I wish I knew more about computers, I am pretty bummed I paid $1000 for this brand new computer and it's giving me trouble. :fou:

    Thanks for all the help again, I appreciate it!!!
  9. Well at least you have Dell support. If you had built it yourself, you might have a tougher time. Although for those of us who build our own, having a tough time is part of the fun.:)
  10. Update

    Well Dell inhome tech came today only with a new motherboard. Sweet... If I would have known he would have come so soon with the Mboard, I would have told Dell to send the Vid card at the same time. Of course he changed out the motherboard and what a surprise, we still have the same problem. Hopefully the Video card will be here monday or tuesday.
  11. Update #2

    I received 2 new video cards yesterday. Thankfully I got 2 because one of the replacements looked beat. Anyway, I installed the better looking card and updated the drivers from NVIDIA's website. So far everything seems to be going well, for now. Thanks everyone for your help, your knowledge is invaluable.

    Tom C.
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