Is it possible to use an AMD socket 939 stock fan on a socket am2?

I require a fan for my socket am2 cpu. Is it possible for me to use my friends old socket 939 stock fan? It's just for a couple of weeks until I can afford a decent CPU cooler. any suggestions would help
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  1. I believe so.

    Well, at least some are (just took a quick look at the zalman fitting video and it has them under the same tab with the same instructions) However I can't vouch for all 939 coolers...
  2. OK, having looked and endyen's article I'd say it'll be hit and miss and depends on what cooler it is.

    The clip seems to be the same position between the 939/AM2, but the actual retention bracket is a different shape.

    So long as the cooler doesn't rely on the bracket it could be ok.
  3. yes but i would not risk it - they are close and you could rig up something with some not all.

  4. it is a stock fan that came on the socket 939 cpu. (i believe athlon x2 3800+). i am hoping to use it on my socket am2 athlon 64 3800+, if that helps.

    p.s. suggestions on the best cpu cooling device i can get for $30 would be appreciated
  5. Are you getting an OEM processor? Here's the list of AM2 fans sold by Newegg:

    If you're buying a retail CPU, the stock fan should be okay. Both of the retail AM2 X2's I bought came with stock fans that work well. The only issues I've heard about recently with any AMD stock fan are those for the Phenom's.
  6. Okay, you cant use newegg (they dont ship to us people up in the cold white north) and shipping from my neck of the outback would cost the $30. If you live in the big city, there are a few ok bricks and mortar shops around. Lakeshore and Kipling comes to mind, but it's been a few years since I was out your way.
    The thermalright 90 would be in your price range. you would have to buy a cheap fan seperately. It is a huge chunk of metal though, and might be scary to install.
    Scythe makes some heatpipe units that may fit your budget.
    BTW, the article that I linked to did show a stock 939 hsf being used in an am2 socket. It's not that you cant do it but rather that AMD's stock fans are not that great. The retention springs are crap, so reusing one is not recomended
    If you do use it temporarily, make sure you give it a good clean, all over, esp the fins on the heatsink.
    Good luck.
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