Is is possible to recover a failed RAID0 array


I have a Dell 9150 which has 2 250Gb Samsung SATA drives , 1 of which is showing up as Error Occurred (0) even after I ran HDD Regenerator that found and recovered 1 bad sector.

I found a thread on another forum that says:

""You can safely delete an array (how your data looks to the controller) without deleting the data on the drives (Your data on the physical drives). Once you create a new array using the drives and the same parameters as the original array, the controller should use your existing data as the array. Everything should be back to normal now.""

After a couple of days research, this is the only post I have found that gives me some hope that I can recover some of my data

I have a couple of questions

1 What is the likelihood that this will work ? Anything else I could/should try first ?
2. I assume that this a potentially destructive operation, is it worth my while taking images of the disks in their current state before trying it ?
3. Where can I find the parameters of the original array ?

Many thanks

(Apologies if this has been posted twice but I can't find what I posted on Saturday)
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  1. 1) Depends on how good the RAID driver/management utilities are; personaly, I wouldn't risk it unless the data didn't matter.
    2) Probably, but what would you do with the image files?
    3) From the RAID BIOS.

    Personaly, I'd just get a copy of Raid Reconstructor from
  2. Thanks, I have got a copy of Raid Reconstructor from and have created an image that I can see the data on. Currently burning an image to a new disk that I will try and boot from

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