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hi everyone i am having problems installing xp on a sata drive as windows xp wont see the drive i know i need the sata drivers but cant find the rights ones for my board its gigabyte g31m-es2l chipset g31 express thanks to everyone who can take time to help tommie33
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  1. Download SP2, and slipstream it into your install disc. You can use a program like nlite to slipstream the update. That should solve the problem.
  2. can you tell me the name of the driver i should be using
  3. I don't see a SATA driver for that motherboard. That's why you'll need to slipstream SP2 into your install disc. It's got SATA support. Here's the download link for the full SP3 download. It includes the SP2 update.
  4. ok i got ya
  5. for got to mention it`s windows xp 64 bit
  6. Ah, that makes a difference. Here's SP2 for XP 64 bit.

    Also, verify that the drive is showing in the BIOS. SATA needs to be enabled.
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