Can HP Compaq DC5750 be overclocked?

Hello! I have HP Compaq DC5750 with AMD Athlon(tm) Processor +3500 clocked to 2.23Ghz. I want overclock this processor more to 2.8 or 3.2GHz but HP's motherboards cannot be overclocked BUT IT CAN! With ClockGen i have overclocked my processor in 2.19 to 2.23GHz but when i overclock him much the computer crashing! This process must be done in bios but in my bios i cannot see overclocking! I thing the overclocking in HP is locked and i have to unlock him. but i dont know how! I flashed my bios 2 times but no overclocking! How i can unlock the overclocking in my bios? I have Winbond PLL
My System
HDD-Western digital 250GB 16MB Cache
GPU-XFX GeForce 7300GS DDR2 512MB 64Bit
Motherboard- HP 0A64H, PLL Winbond

PLEASE HELP!! :sweat:
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  1. who know only you
  2. i dont know how i can overclocking in bios.
  3. First of all, your grammar is absolutely terrible. It burns my eyes.

    Second, you can't overclock an OEM PC made by someone like HP. It just doesn't work.

    Even if you could overclock, they don't put very good power supplies or RAM in those PCs, so it would be a very poor OC (want 2.8ghz, keep dreamin).

    Just build your own system. Seriously.
  4. fist off OEM's cant be overclocked through the BIO's. Not going to happen

    second that board is a Piece of dog poo , to put it nicely. Even with a top of the line board for that processor i believe your idea of 2.8 ghz is a pipe dream

    third a +3500 would NEVER hit 2.8 ghz even with liquid cooling. maybe with phase cooling but NEVER with air cooling.

    3.2 ghz keep dreaming, but on a side note i got these green beans i want to sell. You seem like a person who might be interested.........................
  5. Athlon 64 3500 can be overclocked to 2.8 -3GHz!! Now my is 2.23 and it is 28 degreece and my cooler is in minimum!
  6. in what year you bought your pc
    just build a new pc with 500 dollar is more than enough
  7. my pc is 1 year old
  8. GaVrA said:
    Athlon 64 3500 can be overclocked to 2.8 -3GHz!! Now my is 2.23 and it is 28 degreece and my cooler is in minimum!

    Care to link? Those 2.8-3.2Ghz OCs on that CPU involves phase cooling or LN2 cooling.
  9. your pc might have been purchased 1 year ago but the +3500 processor was NEW in 2004......
  10. if im not mistaken isn't this pc an a AM2 socket about 1 year old?
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