MBoard Too Hot!

Alright so I'm running the Q9450 @3.6 on a x48-DS4.

I'm watercooling just the cpu (waste with that o.c.limit i know :/).
I'm also running a 4870 on stock air (35% Manual Fan Setting).
Using 8gb 1066 (mentioning for workload).

Problem is the motherboard is running idle at 52c! The cpu @ 21c...

I've noticed that if I place a desktop fan blowing into the case (particularly right below where the video card sits) the idle temp drops down to 33c. I'm wondering how I can best lower my mboard temp to a playable level without having to listen to a full size desk fan. Is the heat on the mboard being caused solely by the video card?? I've tried:

Added 2 120mm fans around the cpu/nb. They didn't affect the temps. The case sits Horizontal with the side open. Therefore it looks a lot like the DangerDen Torture Rack. I figured all the hot air would rise up and out of the case, but the mboard is the hottest I've ever seen. Please help!

I'm wondering which would make a bigger difference:
A. Waterblock the video card
B. Waterblock the NorthBridge (and what does that smaller heat pipe cover?)

I do have the capacity to waterblock both, but I'm cheap XD Thanks!
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  1. The HD 4870 sucks cool air in from lower front and blow warm air out the rear exhaust. You can feel the heat with the back of your palm. The gpu won't up the chipset temp.

    The problem I see is the Gigabyte heatpipe that adds the temps from SB, NB & mosfets together. The temp will be high. You don't need to worry about it unless you're having stability issues. The best bang solution would be to swap it out with independent HSFs for SB, NB & mosfets. I don't think there are many mosfets sinks for Intel chipsets cuz the majority of them are for nvidia chipsets that are in high 70's, 80's and beyond.
  2. use your finger to touch the NB cooler if you can burn you hand then you need to be worry but if you didnt then just forget about it. it will just simply means wrong temp being reported.
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