New computer, mainly for audio work, but also gaming

I'm building a new computer, but am kind of outdated on hardware. Its kind of important to me that its not too noisy, but its not crucial to have a completely noise free one.

For now i'm keeping my sata-hd's, xfx geforce 7950gt video card and emu 1820 audio card.

What i've been looking at is something like this:

q6600 CPU

EVGA nForce 780i SLI Mainboard (i heard this may crash a bit with my sound card, and the p35-chipset mboards be better suited, opinions? Suggestions?)

OCZ PC2-9200 FlexXLC 2 GB ram

Antec p182 Cabinet

Corsair 620w PSU

Looks okay?
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  1. Think the P35 would be better and editing and rendering will benefit from the quad core. The ASUS P5K E with or without WIFE would be could because of the features, 3 PCI slots, 6 SATA connections, onboard eSATA, firewire, and WIFI if you want it. Depending on your external equipment you're likely going to need a lot of connections. That's awful expensive RAM and probably won't enough performance boost to really justify it. Something like Cucial Ballistix would be about as good. Antec makes quiet case and PSUs, one of their selling points but would gues the Corsair will be quiet as well. This Antec would work and the module cabling is nice
  2. What's the use of this pc?
  3. Thread : New computer, mainly for audio work, but also gaming.

    Tat means mainly cubase with alot of plugins and samples going on, which is hell on my current computer.
  4. You don't need 780i to run a single nvidia card unless you plan to SLI. Any Crossfired-based board is fine & can save you some money. The P35 is the tried & true mobo. There is a lot of choices. The X38 & 780i are relatively new, so it's no surprise that they may have bugs or incompatibility issues that can be addressed by bios & driver updates.

    You don't need that ram if you don't overclock. Any value PC2-6400/800MHZ ram is fine. Kingston works out of the box & offers lifetime warranty.
  5. Thanks alot for the help, changed things around a bit, and am pretty much ready to cash out for this:

    cab: Antec Performance One P182
    psu: Corsair HX 620W
    mobo: Asus P5K Premium/WiFi-AP
    cpu: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
    ram: Mushkin XP2-6400 (4096 MB)
    new system disk: Western Digital Raptor 150 GB
    a second one of these, setting up in raid 1 for audio files & photos: Samsung SpinPoint T166 500 GB SATA

    And i'll stick with this for still a while:
    EMU 1820 audio card
    xfx geforce 7950gt video card
  6. Your config is pretty close to mine, with the main thing being the CPU. I have a Q6600 on an Asus P5K-E/WiFi-AP and 4GB of RAM overclocked to 3.4GHz. Oh yeah, I have a Mackie 1640 with the Firewire card for audio. In Sonar 6, I had some song files that with plug-ins were taking up about 80% CPU on my old P4 3GHz machine. On my new machine, the same song files with all the same plug-ins are taking up no more than 10% on any core. I have my audio latency down at 3.1ms running at 16 bit, 44.1k sampling rate. Depending on which program you use, you will not go wrong with the system you list above for audio. With the 8800GTX, it runs Crysis really well too!
  7. sounds exellent, got a p4 3,4 now, just doesnt do it anymore ^^
  8. Nope, my old P4 just doesn't cut it any more for audio editing. I'm thinking of either turning it into a Windows Home Server box (I have a terabyte of HD space on it!), or getting VST wrapper program and running a few software synths on it, then MIDI'ing into it. Either that or give it to my 3 year old to trash..........

    I'll probably do the VST host thing with it.
  9. yeah, been looking at that too, but figuret it seemed too easy and doable to go through with, haha. I'll look into it for sure
  10. Nice job, will serve you well
  11. Perfect build. Carry on.
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