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I posted this another forum, but figured I'd ask here too to see if I could get a better and quicker response. I have a Zalman 9700 installed on a Q9450@3.2GHz using Antec Formula 5 thermal compound. I put a little bit on both the cpu and heat sink (thin layers just to ensure full contact and reduce air pockets). My apartment is right around 81F (27C) right now and my CPU temp is usually in the mid 30s(C) under idle...cores are usually in the mid to high 30s(C) per RealTemp at idle. This sounds about right, unless someone differs. My question is the fan speed. I don't have the included manual fan speed controller installed and just plugged the 3-prong (I don't think it was 4) connector into the motherboard. I have tried enabling and disabling the auto fan speed feature on my Gigabyte EP45-DS3R motherboard but nothing has affect on fan speed. It is constantly at 2700 - 2770 rpm (fan is rated for 2800rpm I believe). I'm not sure if this is an issue or not. I called Gigabyte and they feel that it isn't a BIOS issue and that the fan is probably fine because the CPU is overclocked and maintaining it the high speed. My gut feeling is that under auto control it should still drop below almost 100%. Could it be that the 9700 doesn't support the auto fan speed feature (something to do with 3 vs 4 pin connectors) and that is why they supply the manual fan speed device? I am not using it. I'd appreciate any advice
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  1. well, all i can say is, the fan shouldnt run at full speed if you unabled the "auto". i have gigabyte board, but my fan never runs at 100%, it is always around 1200rpm. only at full loads it goes to 2300+rpm (n i have quad which is oc).

    so all i can say, the fan shouldnt be like that. and there is somethign messing. do u have the LED or NT version? i think it is mobo thing, u have missused some configuration in bios.
  2. The 9700LED (copper color/blue LED) needs the fanmate controller to control its speed. 3-pin fans in the CPU header don't allow for speed control, as that's the 4th pin part. The 9700NT (nickel/green LED) has a 4 pin connector and the motherboard will regulate its speed. If you have the controller version, install it and set it to about 50% in load situations, that'll work just fine. My Q6600 OC has the fan on my NT running at 45% on load.
  3. Grebuloner...that's what I thought. I didn't want to install the fanmate controller but I guess that's what I'll do. the other alternative I guess is to return it and get the 9700NT to let the motherboard do the work. At least I know it isn't a motherboard issue or bad cooler...just a misunderstanding of the design and a better understanding of 3 vs 4-pin connector.
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