8800GT underwhelming performance

Hey I just got my 8800gt testerday and have updated to the newest drivers but I am not getting anywhere near the scores I believe I should be. I ran 3d mark and received a 6400 score, sm 2.0 2573, sm 3.0 2614, cpu 2388.

I am running the 169.21 forceware drivers and have the evga 8800GT 512 MB standard edition. It is running at factory specs, although I was just perusing the new FAQ regarding video card OCing and proceeded as far as adjusting the fan to run at 80%, the volume is not bad at all.

Other specs:
AMD fx-62 @ 3.135 Ghz, Crosshair MOBO, Crucial ballistix pc6400 4-4-4-12,
My scores look good in Sandra and other benchies, I got a pcmark of 6688 today.

My system was compared to another fx-62 running slightly faster at 3.2 Ghz and he got around 12,000 3dmarks, about what I assumed I would be getting.

I have the latest chipset drivers, and my machine has made it through several hours of prime 95 torture at this speed and it is rock solid.

What do you suggest?

I updated my mobo to the 9.46 forceware drivers this afternoon. Any thoughts?

Also I used the 169.28 drivers this afternoon, and I got a simailar score with 6396. As these were not WHQL certified, I unistalled as per usual and used Drvier cleaner to clean the drivers and followed up with a cab cleaner. Then installed WHQL drivers and saw an improvement of 4 points.

What gives?
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  1. well thats about half the score you should get...are you sure youre psu can handle the new card? how many amps on +12v rail? if it doesn't have enough it might be possible to boot into windows..but may need to throttle back when being extensively used.
  2. For your fx-62 did you installing the amd dual core patch and the microsoft one? I had the same problem with my 8800GT in 3dmark06, applied those and my score got higher.
  3. i suggest you get intel

    all my systems running the 8800GTS 512, score 12,000 + in 3dmark06 with 3.4ghz dual cores
  4. Sorry, was away eating dinner. The psu is a 580 watt, plenty of power for the whole system. It's a Hiper, here's a link.

    Imthinking, which patches are you referring to? I tried looking for those things but I'm not sure where to look. Could you please poitn me in the right direction?
  5. That PSU is rated at 30 amp max 12v combined so it should be fine for your card.
  6. ok, so I applied both patches and am still getting the same scores.
    Now what?

    BTW, the wording is a little tricky on the web site, do you put 1 for the d-word value or 0?
  7. have no idea if i want enable "new world policies" or whatever
  8. Could be some settings in the bios, i know my mb had a setting on by default that forced the PCI-e to 1x and not let it run at 16x. that solved my problem...
  9. Quote:
    Could be some settings in the bios, i know my mb had a setting on by default that forced the PCI-e to 1x and not let it run at 16x. that solved my problem...


    also, check any power settings and clock settings. could be that either the card or cpu is running low. check with cpu-z and gpu-z
  10. is there anything else resource-hungry constantly running on your computer? p2p software, antivirus with a real-time protection engine that scans memory and every file your hdd tries to access? kaspersky antivirus is known for bringing even crysis-capable computers to their knees
  11. I think your score is quite low but I believe it wont come near to 10,000 3Dmark score as it runs only in single core. I suggest to keep look of your temperature including the video card this will slow down everything aside from software.
  12. pogsnet said:
    I think your score is quite low but I believe it wont come near to 10,000 3Dmark score as it runs only in single core. I suggest to keep look of your temperature including the video card this will slow down everything aside from software.

    It might be running too hot. Try running rivatuner for fan speed adjustment b/c the 8800gt fan stays at 29%. change it to like 50% on full load and see if that helps.
  13. People who get high 3DMark scores are setting their video settings for high performance. Have you lowered the card's settings like turning off AA, AF, and vertical sync? Vertical Sync may be a big killer for you as it might lock ur FPS at 30.
  14. You should try switching what PCIE slot the video card is in. Not sure if it works the same on an AMD platform but perhaps the link width is not full 16X. Check CPU-Z and look at the link size for your PCI-Express. If it isn't 16, make it 16 and you'll double your score.
  15. Make sure u have Antialising and Anti Stropic disabled in you nv driver pannel and make sure image quality is also set to best performance.

    Im assumin its 3D mark 06?

    Be sure ur running it at 1024x786 or 1280 x 1024 and it does have Anti alising enabled.

    Check the clock speeds of the vcard using a program such as Riva Tuner.
  16. Thanks for all the great responses! ok, so I'll try to answer all your questions.

    Yes, it's 3d mark 06 but not the full version. So I am currently stuck with the default resolution @ 1280x1024. It says at default that Antialiasing is not enabled.

    The only adjustment I have made to the card is to increase the fan speed to 80% through the riva tuner as I am aware of the heat issues. It is running at 49C at idle. With the ati tool I was able to max out at 64C, which seems to be just fine.

    My fx-62 idles around 38C at the current speed and gets up to 49-50 under prime 95 torture, most games it runs about 43-45 C. It never goes above 50C.

    I just ran it again with my card image settings @ high performance and gained 18 points for a total of 6418. In the nvidia control panel I have AA and AF application controlled.

    The clock speeds are being reported in gpu-z at the default levels of core 600, mem 900, and 1500 shader clock. It also reports that the card is running at 16x. Both pci-e lanes on the crosshair run at a full 16x, and I currently have the card in slot 1.

    I am currently running Symantec firewall and antivirus, I have never encountered problems with this being a system hog as far as I know.

    I recently dl folding at home, but as far as I can tell it shouldn't be running unless I have the window open. I don't see any unusual processes running..
    I don't run any p2p software unless I am dl that song I just have to have. :) I understand the dangers of this software.
  17. VSync disabled? This will turn on via drivers if it's told to. Force it off if you can and try again :-/
  18. where do I find the v-sync adjustment?
  19. ok, under the AA settings for 3dmark 06 I have set it as v-sync force off. I will try again.
  20. Update Chipset Drivers and BIOS? But yeah, I would definitely scour the BIOS for a setting. Make sure DirectX is up to date and run MS software update. SP2 I hope. Don't worry about vsync, the trial version of 3d mark wont use it. Unload the AntiVirus Service.

    I had a 5600+ with an 8800GT and was getting 10k in 3d Mark.
  21. Yeah latest bios version 0904. Running chipset drivers forceware 9.46. Direct x 9.0c.
    Xp pro SP2 slipstreamed install.
  22. well, since you're getting good scores in other test packages, i recommend that you update 3dmark (or reinstall it) and try running a registered version. (astalavista.com is waiting for ya)
  23. and post a 3dmark05 score pls
  24. I guess you could also check and make sure the memory is running in Dual Channel
  25. That score is very low in deed. I ran my bros 8800GT 256MB on my box and got about 9K and on his E2140 @ 2.66 he got almost 11K. Was this a new build? or did you have something else in its place. If u just replaced it you might need to clean out your old drivers completely and then install the new ones. Also check the clock on your card make sure its not low for some reason.
  26. 3d mark05 score 9255
  27. Make sure vsync is set disabled by default in your driver control panel too.
  28. I have the almost EXACT same setup that you do. I would be willing to bet that you are running bios 0904 with that performance. I got 6k ish on 0904 and updated to 0905 beta and got 10.8k. thats right his setup with break 10k without difficulty.

    Its just a bad bios, nothing more. I am also using the 169.25 version driver. I also run my GT on ALL stock settings. had the fan upped but I got a corrupted registry and had to reinstall.

    And he does NOT need to get an intel!! :-p
  29. wow, just get the beta? that would be awesome if that works! I'm gonna try that now!
  30. So beta 0905 :
    3dmarks 9019
    sm 2.0-4106
    sm 3.0-3808
    cpu- 2405

    I am much happier with this! But it still seems lacking a bit. Any comments?
    Anything else I should be looking for Exidous?

    Thank you so much!

    Yes, vertical sync is globally force off.
  31. Hrm. Your CPU score is right i'll have to run Mark once more to make sure. Ill let you know. The 3D scores are a tad low.
  32. Well I was having some stability problems so EVERYTHING is running at stock speeds and voltages.

    3DMark 10168
    SM2.0 4739
    SM3.0 5057
    CPU 2074

    Athlon Fx-62 2.81GHz
    8800GT (512) 169.25
    CrossHair 0905beta
    Onboard sound :-(
    2x 1GB Corsair XMS2 5-5-5-12-2t

    Not really sure why your SM scores are a tad lower other than maybe OS type or vid driver verious. I'm running Vista Home Premium. It has its glitches just like the motherboard but nothing I can't get around.

    I assume since you had to install the MB forceware drives that you are runnign some version of XP. I can't really tell you what kind of difference that would make. Sorry.

    Here's a question for you. How did you get your FX-62 stable at anything over stock. I was running a FSB of 230. turned up the core voltage and would boot but would blue screen a bit later. Cooling is fine. (water) Even a 210FSB at 1.4vcore would BSOD on me.
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