Overclocking a e8400 on a p5k-se epu

Hi everyone. This is my first post on this forum so i aint to sure of how this place works.

Anyway, a few weeks back i got a new computer with a e8400 and p5k-se epu combo. I read it can be safely and easily overclocked to 3.6 but im stuggling to reach this figure. I have it stable atm @ 3.4 but cannot reach 3.6 on stock voltage and everytime i try to increase it it wont start and when it does it says overclock failed.

System spec:
p5k-se epu mobo
2 x 1gb 667mhz ram and 2 x 1gb 1066 mhz ram (4gb total)
3870 graphics
2 x 250gb hds
1 x 320bg hd
2 x dvd rw drives
old creative value soundcard
usb pci card
750 watt corsair psu
enough case cooling to handle everything

Ive done a bit of overclocking before but this is one of my first proper goes as this. The only things i can think of are my RAM timings which are pretty bad i think (will post exact timings when i next restart the system) and will also post my bios settings then. From what i know to get 3.6 ive got the fsb on 400mhz. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as i want the 3.6ghz that i every1 else seems to get. Thanks guys!
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  1. you need to increase vcore a bit.
  2. Get rid of the 2 sticks of 667 ram.

    You say your trying 400FSB which i know will work on 800 and up ram but your 667 ram dont like running 800 obviously.

    Its never a good idea to mix ram especially when you are stressing it. The 667 just slows you down any how. Sell it on ebay and buy more 1066.
  3. +1 for roadrunner, didn't see the ram was 667.
  4. 4 Sticks of ram are generally not a good idea when overclocking, puts more stress on your Northbridge and draws more power. Use only the 2 1066 sticks and up your vcore a little...
  5. I have a similar question, I have right now 2x2GB of ram in my computer and an 8400 on a gigabyte ds4 mobo. But in the future I want to have 4x2GB (sort of when the drivers improve on that...). I only want to overclock to 3.6 since supposedly that doesn't require much (or any) more voltage. Would the 4 sticks of 2GB hurt me badly?

    To the thread starter, remember to keep your pci-e at 100 instead of auto...that's the sort of mistake I'd easily make and it's probably a costly one.

    Edit: The cooler I have is the Xigmatek 1283w/retention bracket and AS5
  6. Thanks for the help guys. The problem is that im running vista on here and playin huge games (bf2, cod4, gow, bioshock, race driver grid etc) and need more than 2gbs of ram. 3gbs will make it loose the 'dual channel' ability though so i have to have 4. And yes i know 667 is pretty poor ram but its 2 1/2 years ols (its from my old rig) so aint really gonna have much value. Still tanks for the suggestions guys and i'll have a look at some more RAM. In the meantime im gonna try a couple of your other ideas and some monitoring program also told me that my vocre is running at 1.26v which is higher than im trying to overclock it to when on manual.

    BIOS info:
    cpu ratio setting - auto
    pcie frequency - auto (gonna set that to 100 now)
    dram frequency - auto
    dram command rate - auto
    dram timing control - auto
    timing - 5-5-5-15-3-36-5-3-3
    dram static read control - auto
    trasaction booster - auto
    cpu voltage (obv working on this)
    cpu spread sprectrum - auto
    clock over-charging voltage - auto
    dram voltage - auto

    Thanks for the help so far. Anything i should adjust in my BIOS?
  7. Ive just tried increasing my voltage past the 1.26 it is currently running on but it just crashes when trying to load xp/vista (i got dual boot). I'll keep experiementing though. If it is crashing does it mean insuffecient voltage or that the voltage is too high?
  8. Your 667 ram is only gonna like 333ish FSB, any iger and it will crash. If you want to overclock at all you need to ditch the ram for more 800. Your chip is stock 333 which is all your 667 ram can handle. Also when you get ram you will need between 1.3-1.4 vcore to run 400 FSB stable.

    I used the same motherboard atleast 20 times.

    It wouldn't hurt to read a few overclocking guides either. It would help to disable speedstep, among otherthings.

    You can call me if you like when you get rid of the ram or get more 800 ram and I will walk you through it on the phone. Hell I can even call you but, I'm not gonna waste time on 667 ram.

    Play your games on xp with 2g ram and you will be fine until you buy nore 800.

    Besides your probably running 32bit OS and not getting all your ram anyhow, your just stubborn or stupid, I'm not sure.
  9. Thanks for the help guys. And i know what u mean about the RAM but i dont have the money to get new RAM atm (maybe in a few weeks) and i want to run the games in vista to take advantage of the directx 10. I know you probably think im stupid tho. Anyway thanks for the advice on the voltage - will try that with new RAM.

    On a side note i have managed to get 389 FSB (3.5ghx clock speed) stable with my existing config and with no voltage increase. Ive run stress tests and its perfectly stable but will it cause damage to my RAM long-term?
  10. Hi again guys. Ive just upgraded my RAM and now have 4x1gb 1066mhz installed. Ive also got a massive case and a new cpu fan so my temps r icey.

    Anyway can u please walk me through what to do to get the 400fsb and thus 3.6ghz out of my cpu. If you could i would be forever gratefull
  11. Don't worry, ive managed to do it. FYI i've put the voltage up to 1.3 and then adjusted the RAM to get it to run at ddr-1066. Ive stress tested and everything and it is as steady as a rock. Thanks for the help guys
  12. Im just wondering why you didn't go with 2 x2gb modules.
  13. Well when i originally got the new chip and mobo a couple of months back i was an overclocking noob and didn't realise that mixing RAM, especially 667 stuff, was never going to give a stable overclock. And i wanted to upgrade to 2x2gb now but it was about £50ish and as im only 16 i am really short of cash - ive already spent about £300 of my life savings on this computer and i had to draw the line somewhere.
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