Hard disk problems (no detection)

I've tried searching for my specific problem for a while and have come up empty handed so far.

My secondary (storage) hard drive is not being detected by windows in either My computer or Disk management. It IS being detected by the bios.

It has two partitions, lets say D=1 and F=2.

When i booted up my computer a few days ago my hard drive kept going offline (windows stopped detecting it) for some reason or another. upon rebooting it would redetect. I tried it in every sata port available, windows would install the drive and set it up. I kept rebooting to try to backup my files.

As i was troubleshooting i believe i might have set the primary partition on the drive (D) to inactive. upon a later reboot my computer automatically ran dskchk. i tried to cancel but was too late (wasn't paying attention) it went through reindexing orphaned files on my D partition. at the end it had an error saying not enough space... then when my computer rebooted (it was a very slow reboot) it would't detect the hard drive at all. I checked my bios it was still being detected there, the drive was spinning up and had power.

I ran seatools - it would not detect the hard drive.
I ran testdisk, pc file recover, and a few others to try to find the drive and retrieve files. none of these detected the hard drive.

I am not sure, as i can't find good answers to my problem and other forums no one has responded, but i think i messed up my partition index. I would like to be able to recover the drive entirely to full functionality, or at least retrieve my files on F.
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  1. hi...
    i too got same problem. when i tried with partition recover tools it did not detect my hard disk. but in bios i can see my hard disk.
    when i tried with hirens boot cd it is not opening even.if you get the solution.please send me.......(my mail mailuselessmail@gmail.com
    please.........please..............thanks in advance
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