Rear Fan Reverse blowing onto Heatsink??

I have a pair of Ultra Kaze 3000rpm 120mm fans...they blow about 133 cfm. I think there is only one fan with a higher rating. I run my rear fan at 2.1k rpm and from at 1k rpm. My question is...should i reverse my heatsink and rear fan to blow towards the front and have my front fan blowing air out the front instead of in? Has anyone else tried this? I just got my e6750 to boot at 3.7ghz. got a 14.129 1mb Super PI mod 1.5. It wasn't stable, I think it got way too hot from my temps...65C. Hyper TX2 Cooler. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
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  1. The main idea is of course that HOT air rises and cold air SINKS.

    you would be better leaving the top and rea fans as EXHAUST fans and the front lower as INTAKE fans.

    the idea of course that mean u can have the top fans at a lower speed and quieter beacuse the heat will just rise through it anyway!

    so i would personally point the cpu fan either up or to back of case!

    jst to point out this is based on my P182 Antec (2 akasa ultra quiet fans at back and top of case and 2 and front, with a Zalman nvidia cpu cooler)
  2. lol should have spell checked that
  3. My case was made that way and works fine. The problem you could have is the heat exhausted from you power supply. Mine has the PS moved to the front of the case so its not an issue.

  4. jpbg said:

    WOW, it suddenly makes my 133cfm 45db fans seem quiet at 3k rpm. Nice find.
  5. 65db!! dear god i bet thats loud!. thanks but no thanks i like a silent machine hehe.
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