AC Freezer 7 Pro & Asus P5Q NO GO...

Just an alert as I'm a new builder and started by first build last night.
After doing a lot of research I thought I was good to go and had picked the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro to go with my Asus P5Q Deluxe.

Basically what you'll find here was confirmed when I tried to do it.

If you have this board and don't want to use the stock fan there is not a lot of room.
At the very least a cooler of the same basic design as the stock one would help.
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  1. I had the same issue with putting it on my DFI ICFX3200. I cut off a little of the plastic frame and now it sits perfectly even though the aluminium fins touch the passive north bridge cooler - something that i don't like much since the northbridge averages at 60C.
    I got me a new northbridge cooler though that should solve the problem once and for all.
  2. Quote:

    Clears the NB heatsink by 1-2mm might i add :)
  3. Works perfectly fine on my P5Q Pro. No mods needed.
  4. Quote:
    Works perfectly fine on my P5Q Pro. No mods needed.


    I have the P5Q Pro also, I just swaped out the AC7 for my Xiggy S1283 today, both fit perfectly with room to spare, and I even have Thermalright heatsinks on the 2 mosfet zones and the Thermalright HR05 -IFX/SLi on the NB. That large block on the NB and the tall straight heatsink on the top mosfets are the reason I did not get the Deluxe, the Thermalright one I have up there is about as tall if not taller, but it slants towards the top of the board to allow large coolers :D

    Anyways none of this helps you of couse and its probably too late to switch boards.
  5. Glad you posted this. I would have thought the AC7 would fit as well as the S-1283.
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