Help need making a decision

as the title states, i am stuck between 3 graphics card to buy for my new rig.
8800GTS G92
or ati's new 3870 X2
Problem is i have a Asus x38 board, which means no sli, also having mobo thats CF ready, would i get a better boost in performance if i went ati, rather than NV.

see my original plan was to buy the ASUS Striker II 780i, then go the new gts, but i couldn't wait, and there never in stock. Well now i am screwed, in a way,

I have read that it takes 2 3870's to get good performance, and yet 1 gts gets better (oc great, up to GTX in performance) than 3870 in CF
But do i wait for ati's new card, but i am leery because look at the 7950 x2, it was a piece of sh**
though would it be worth my while, there are no benchmarks on it yet, i have also heard it was delayed till 28.

My new system is going to be
Core 2 Duo 2.4 (plan to oc up to 3.2ghz)
Asus P5E x38
3gigs corsair 800mhz
750watt power supply
i have all of this already, but just need a gpu. If i had a 780i board i would deff go with gts,so what should i do, (anyone wana buy my board. Looks like this

but if i cant sell it in 2 weeks i have to go with one above. Help plz, thx
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  1. Personally I'm extremely excited about the 3870x2, but I want to see some more proof before I'd commit to buying.

    The P5E is a great board and the 3870 is also a fantastic card. That being said, I don't think you need to worry about the performance difference between it an the GTS. 5-10 frames won't really be noticeable unless you're only getting 20-30 fps already, and I don't think either of those cards will have that issue with many games. If you worry about 5-10 FPS, then you'll always be upgrading and never be happy w/ what you've got.

    Also, what size / resolution is your display? If you're below 1680x1050, I wouldn't really recommend SLI or Crossfire, at that point you're already going to be facing a CPU bottleneck in most situations. That and anything over 60 FPS won't be noticeable since your monitor is likely to be capped at 60Mhz.
  2. If you have the money, go for the 8800GTS 512MB. If you can wait a little, perhaps the 3870x2, but I want to see more reviews on it before recommending it.
  3. I have a 19in widescreen lcd monitor (samsung)
    looks like this:

    max res 1440x900, which i will probably play my games at till, i see a good 22in one i like

    btw it doesn't take long to get replies thats good :wahoo:
    thx for input, but no clear decsion yet... :pfff:
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