remotely reboot non-responsive 2003 server over Internet

remotely reboot non-responsive 2003 server over Internet.


This is the first time, so i hope i have posted the right place..

Got an issue with a 2003 server that is non-responsive and does'nt accept login throught ts. When you try you get only the gray login screen/window but the login prompt is not presented.

I know what the reason is that triggered this situation - so this is not virus/security related issue.

Everything is "down" - web, ftp, email is not responding anymore except for pop3.

I desperately need to reboot this machine which is inlocated in Denmark, my location is Sweden. So it is not on intranet/LAN or something like that = no net bios.

I have tried to connect through:
TS - fails - TS responds on the initial start - the ts windows pops up - but it hang s with the gray screen and no credential prompt is presented

vpn ( to execute shutdown.exe throught the network) - failed: it the vpn trying to connect just hangs

tsshutdn ( tsshutdn.exe 60 /reboot /server:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX /delay:90 /v - fails - error specific: "Error when opening connection to the terminal server, error 1744:RPC-server not available" ( adress, removed for security reasons)

So what options do i have?

Is the any tool that i can use to force the reboot - dirty/hard reboot is not really an option as i have the option to just "walk over to the server" physically and turn it off by the power button.

Thanks a lot in advance for your responses!
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  2. sounds like your connectivity to it is hosed...

    can you call somebody that is where the server is and have them power it off?
  3. Hi thanks for the reply.
    No - because the responsible person is in egypt for the moment. :-(

    So I'm looking far an alternative way - even if the option is to "hack" my own server. But i hope i don't have to. Since i have credentials there is no real "hack" in it.

    Anyway i'm running out of options here. Is there some other tool i could use than the mentioned above that i have already tried?

    Thanks in advance.
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