Good blu ray drive and dvd burner

Im want to get a bluray drive for my new rig and want to know which one i should go for ...
It should be able to play bluray disks and previous media disks (dvd, cd rom) ... also want a dvd writer ... dont mind if the writer is seperate (infact i would prefer tht)....

thnx in advance
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  1. try this

    i have this drive, and i love it. Plays bluray, hddvd, and is also a burner.
  2. +1

    I have that drive too and I like it a lot. As a bonus, I find that it does lightscribe much better than my other LS drive.
  3. This was the one i was goin for ... i just decided to get other peoles opinion whther there are any better ones .....

    i think ill just go for this ...

    thx guys
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