Chkdsk problem on XP

While running chkdsk, when it gets to phase 3, checking security descriptors, it hangs...the progress percent indicator never starts...can you help me get by this? Thanks.
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  1. In severe cases of file corruption the check disk may not work, or certain viruses will stop check disk from working.
    It may be best to try a repair install of XP, using an XP CD disk. Look in the XP forum, fourth post from the top.
    The repair install does not erase the personal files on the hard drive, and in many cases, will fix errors and get the system working again.
  2. Hi soundguruman, thanks for the suggestion of doing a Repair Installation. I found the thread you mentioned and will try it tomorrow morning and let you know of my results. It said it will start from the original operating system and service pack...mine was the XP Home version SP 1a so I'm going back a ways but that's ok...I'm game! By the way you have my points...I think since I'm new I have 115 to give you. Let me know how I can give them to you since as I said I am very new. Talk to you soon.
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    Yea, just put that disk in...
    you may have to press f2 while starting the machine, set the boot priority for CD to be number one. Hard drive will be number two.
    Then you let it run, don't reformat or delete the partitions, then you get to:
    press R to repair existing installation. (read each stage carefully)
    then it installs without deleting your personal files.
    Then after it's running, install your drivers from the driver CD if you have the CD.
    You might need to install drivers after a repair install.
    Or if not, go to the manufacturer's website and download your motherboard drivers.
  4. HI soundguruman,

    I would like to give you credit for your answers but I don't know how. I received an email saying I need to select the gold cup above the answer but I don't see a gold cup anywhere. Please let me know how I can do this for you so I can thank you for your help!
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