Help! Siren coming from pc, & other problems...

Help! I am in process of reinstalling XP on a pc full of viruses. Deleted the partitions and tried to create a new one. A message appeared on screen as follows:

"your computer's startup program cannot gain access to the disk containing the partition or free space you chose. Setup cannot install Win XP on this hard disk."

"The lack of access does not necessarily indicate an error condition. For example disks attached to a SCSI adapter that wasn't installed by your computer manufacturer or to a secondary hard disk controller are typically not visible to the startup program unless special software is used. Contact your computer or hard disk controller manufacturer for more info."

"On x86-based computers this message may indicate a problem with the CMOS drive type settings. See your disk controller documentation for more info."

Then a siren/alarm (two-tones, sounds like a London police siren) began to sound from the speaker on the pc and has been sounding for atleast 15 minutes now.

I went ahead and clicked on "next" and began to format the drive, and it is 75% formatted now.

I don't know what to make of this. Any thoughts on this at all would be appreciated!
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  1. The bells are motherboard (BIOS) standard signals.

    Since you are saying you are virus heavy....Best to start with clearing the BIOS (pull the battery) and then format the Hard Drive on another clean system, before bringing it back into this system, else you will be fighting possible problems right from square one.
  2. Ok, I've already pulled the CMOS battery out to clear the BIOS.
    l believe I'll take your suggestion and remove the hard drive and hook it up to my laptop to format it. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks very much.
  3. A clean format is a good idea, for sure. Make sure to do the full format, and not the quick one.
  4. gorlosky1 said:
    The bells are motherboard (BIOS) standard signals.

    Since you are saying you are virus heavy....Best to start with clearing the BIOS (pull the battery) and then format the Hard Drive on another clean system, before bringing it back into this system, else you will be fighting possible problems right from square one.

    snoofy1 here.....
    I looked inside and dirt was caked in there. Removed the cpu heatsinc & fan and cleaned it, cleaned off the old compound and put some new thermal paste on it. Checked to be sure cables and RAM were seated well. Turned the pc on and power came on but screen was black.

    Turned pc off and removed hard drive. Attached this hard drive to another pc and it was recognized. It is an 82 MB drive, however it only saw 48.2 MB. Am in process of formatting it now but was wondering if anyone know why it only sees 48 MB ?
  5. I assume you mean 82GB and 48GB?

    Was it windows or the BIOS, that recognized the 48.2GB?
  6. Yes I meant GB and not MB. The pc I attached the hard drive to has Windows Xp on it and I am assuming that is what recognized the size of the drive.
  7. So you checked the size of the drive inside of windows? If it's partitioned, that's why it was seeing that size.
  8. Is there a way to delete the partition while it's connected to my laptop? If so please tell me what I should do. Thanks very much.
  9. Since you cleared the BIOS, did you go back into the BIOS and activate the drive connections ?

    If that drive had some old reserved partition, it may have given you an erroneous response (not what you were expecting), BUT since you are doing a FULL format, it should have cleaned out all old partitions. You may have to go for a Low Level format which is specific to manufacturer.

    aford10 has a good questions you need to answer.
  10. While connected to your laptop use Disk Management to Delete Logical Drives and Format the hard drive you are trying to clean up. (Right click on each partition and a menu pops up)

    You should be able to get good info on the size of the drive from Disk Management
  11. Okay, I went into Disk Management and the drive shows up in 2 parts: 48.83 GB NTFS Healthy (Active), and 27.86 GB Unallocated. I deleted the partition and it now shows 76.69 GB Unallocated. I want to be able to move this drive back over to my desktop and install XP Pro on it. Is there anything else I need to use Disk Management for? Am I ready to move the drive over to my desktop now?
  12. Since you say you are going to INSTALL, then during install the XP Pro software will tell you it will format your drive and wipe it clean. Soooo... prior to a format, you need to have partitioned the drive with Disk Management and assigned no drive letter as the primary drive will be seen as C: drive.

    If it were me, I would partition as 2 drives, and later assign the page file to the other drive, where you would also store most of your changebale data, thereby your primary drive (with all your program basics) doesn't get so fragmented.
  13. You don't need disk management for anything else.

    1. Connect the drive back into the PC.
    2. Power on the PC, and get into the BIOS (normally the delete key).
    3. Make the optical drive the first boot device.
    4. Insert the XP disc.
    5. Save the BIOS changes.
    6. Restart.
    7. When you see the prompt to 'press any key,' do so at that time.
    8. It will take you into the format/install process.
    9. When it lists the allocated and unallocated space, delete any allocated space.
    10. Make sure to do the full format on that unallocated space.
    11. Follow the instructions to finish the format/install process.
  14. After partitioning the hard drive (76.69 GB) while plugged into a different pc, I installed it back into the desktop and turned pc on. Got "checksum error" and I went into BIOS and set correct date and time, saved and exited. Put XP Pro cd into pc and restarted. It is now going through the clean install process.

    The existing partitions that show up are as follows:

    15284 MB Disk on disk [MBR]
    D: Partition1 [Unknown] 15284 MB <15283 MB free>
    Unpartitioned space 0 MB

    78529 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi [MBR]
    C: Partition1 <New Volume> [NTFS] 78532 MB <78465 MB free>

    Do I highlight C: to set up XP there? Sorry but I don't understand why it's showing D: also. Can someone explain. Thanks very much.
  15. D is showing, because you set up a partition, either when connected to the other PC, or a while back.

    You can delete both partitions. It will show as all unallocated space. Then you'll choose to set up an installation on that unallocated space. It will then format that unallocated space, assign it as the C: drive, and install windows.
  16. Okay, I deleted both partitions and created one partition which shows up as C: drive. It then formatted the drive and continued through the XP Pro installation process. I am now at the stage where it wants a product key.

    There is no Windows sticker on this custom built pc (built in 2003). I ran Belarc Advisor prior to the melt down and under "Software Licenses" it shows Windows XP Professional and gives a 25-digit key. I put that key into the screen that asks for it but it says "The product ID you entered is not valid".

    I don't understand why it is not accepting the key. Can anyone help? Thank you
  17. I think I know what the problem is. The cd I used to install XP Pro is a retail version, and the product key I'm trying to type is most likely an OEM version. Oy vay! Is there somewhere I can go to purchase an OEM XP Pro cd? Or a retail version XP Pro product key?
  18. You may need to contact Microsoft for the activation assistance. There's only so many activations per key before you have to explain why you're activating it. If you call the local phone activation number, it's an automated line.
  19. Yes, you can still purchase XP. However, the price isn't much less than a new copy of Windows 7. If you were going to buy a license for XP, you might as well upgrade to Windows 7.
  20. I do have an OEM XP Home cd with and OEM product key I'm not using. Would I be able to install that over XP Pro ?
  21. The problem with those, is they are tied to the original hardware they are installed with. Once they are installed and activated, OEM licenses don't work with other hardware.
  22. Bummer! Okay XP Pro finished installing and was loading, I saw the XP logo on the screen, then the screen went black. I wiggled the mouse and keyboard in case it went to sleep but it made no difference. The pc is on and running as I can hear the power supply and fans loud and clear. Connection the monitor cable is not loose. Did my video card just go out?
  23. Not likely. If you were getting a display on startup, and it just cut out when windows started to load, it's likely something else.

    Try restarting. If you can see the BIOS load, your video card is putting out a signal. Your monitor refresh rate may be out of range.

    Try booting into safe mode. If you get display there, you may need to change the refresh rate.
  24. I restarted pc and saw BIOS on the starting up screen, then I selected F8 and went into Safe Mode. Went to display and looked at Refresh rate. Default was the only choice available.

    Went ahead and loaded up XP Pro and it was at the startup screen (the XP logo was there) when the screen went dark again. A message appeared on the screen that said something like this: "autodetect analog output, etc"...(I could not read the rest of message b4 it disappeared) ." Then the LED light on monitor went from blue to yellow. What do you make of this? Thanks so much for all your help!
  25. Do you have a flat screen LCD? What kind of video card?
  26. from ckmckee:
    Okay, the full message that displays on screen after XP Pro logo appears, then screen goes black is: "autodetect analog output, Entering Power Save" (or something similar).

    Video is a Radeon 7000/Radeon VP, according to Belarc Profile report. A peek inside the box confirmed a Radion 7000 video card.

    Montior is a Dell flat screen LCD, model SE198WFP, according to Belarc report. It has 5 buttons on lower, right side of screen. I will see if I can look up a user's manual for this monitor.
  27. Boot into safe mode. Go into the control panel-->power options-->set to never turn off each option-->also, disable hibernation.

    Right click on desktop-->properties-->settings tab-->advanced button-->monitor tab-->you should be able to change the refresh rate to 75hz, if it isn't already.
  28. Okay, the only option available in the power options was "default". Today I installed some drivers for the MOBO and now when I look at the Power Options I had many choices. Problem solved.

    There's one driver I can't seem to get for the Media Audio controller. The MOBO is by Abit and its model KD7A (VIA KT400A-8235).
    The link to Abit's website:
    I could not find that model motherboard on their site.

    Also, I went into device manager and clicked on the media audio control and tried to install drivers from windows. It could not find a driver for it. I cannot play any videos. Any ideas where I can get this media audio controller driver?
    Thanks very much!
  29. Abit's site seems to be down at the moment.
  30. Call up and say your MOBO failed. Microsoft will usually give you another key for oem liscenses.
  31. @ aford 10
    Is it possible to get a VIA compatible media audio controller driver for this motherboard KD7A (VIA KT400A-8235) ? If so, please tell me how.
  32. You are amazing for finding this! I entered the OS info and selected "graphics" since they did not have "media audio controller" in the drop down box. Nothing came up that I recognized. I don't think the driver I need is there.

    I went into System info. on my pc and looked under "Problem Devices" and up came info on the Media Audio Controller:
    PNP Device ID: PCI\VEN_1106&DEV_3059&SUBSYS_140F1147B&REV_50\3&61AAA01&0&8D
    Error Code: The drivers for this device are not installed.

    Is it possible the the PNP device id info would be helpful to find the driver? Sorry for my ignorance.
  33. I don't think you need a graphics driver. The media audio controller should be an audio driver.

    Step 1.
    Please select operating system type
    Microsoft Windows

    Step 2.
    Select your operating system
    windows XP

    Step 3.
    Select the type of driver

    Step 4.
    Select your VIA product
    via AC97 in VT8233/AC, VT8235 & VT8237/R

    On the next page, click on the link to 'download version 7.00b'. Once you've downloaded it, extract all the files. Then look for a setup or install file.
  34. Thank you so much for getting this information. I did successfully install this driver, only to discover there is a better Audio card installed - a SoundBlaster Audigy. I went to their site and downloaded the driver and the sound and video are working now!

    When I try to play a dvd movie though, MPC (Media Player classic) pops up to play it, & when you click on "play movie" then WMP (windows media player) pops up and wants to play it. I never can get WMP to play stuff anymore. It seems like they want us to buy codecs now?? Not sure what their story is these days.

    Is there a way to get WMP to stop popping up? I would be glad to try using MPC to play the movies, or even VLC which I am more familiar with. But I have to get WMP to stop popping up and taking over. Any suggestions?
  35. Personally, I use VLC. It seems to play most every media format. You can change the program access defaults in the control panel.
  36. Thank you for this information. I went into Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, Set Program Access and Defaults and chose "Custom" and in the drop-down menu selected Mozilla Firfox as my default web browser, and unchecked WMP as my media player.

    When I play the movie it still goes to Media Player Classic. I went into explorer, located the movie and right-clicked on it, and chose "Properties". Clicked on "autoplay" tab, and selected "video files", and highlighted "play video files using VLC media player"., apply, ok.

    When I try to play the movie MPC media player appears and tries to play the movie. How can I get VLC to be recognized as the default media player? Thanks again!
  37. Download revo uninstaller, and use it to uninstall Media player classic.

    That will stop it from popping up.
  38. Downloaded Revouninstaller and I do not see MPC anywhere. I don't know what to do from here. Thanks very much.
  39. You can switch revo to Hunter mode. You can click and drag the green circle over the icon for Media player classic, and it will force uninstall it.

    Do you see it in control panel-->add/remove programs?

    start-->run-->msconfig-->check the services and startup tabs. If you see that program, uncheck the box.
  40. I see the Hunter mode in Revo, but there is no MPC icon anywhere. It does not show up in add/remove programs. The only time I see it is when I put a movie in the dvd player and the screen opens up that says "Sony Pictures, Home Entertainment". Maybe this isn't MPC like I thought it was. At any rate, neither MPC nor Sony Pictures Home Entertainment show up in add/remove programs. Nothing shows up in msconfig-->services or startup tabs either.

    In trying to identify which media player is opening the movie up I right-clicked and "about Macromedia Flash Player 5...". Clicking on the show it is by Macromedia Flash Player 5.0. It gave the website Went there and discovered it's same as Adobe Flash Player (right?).

    In msconfig-->startup, AdobeARM shows up (the command line is C:\ProgramFiles\CommonFiles\Adobe\ARM\1.0\AdobeARM.exe", it also gives a location of HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. What do you think this is?

    Back to the question, how do I get Macromedia to stop being the default media player? And where is it located? Thanks again!
  41. Adobe flash is plug in application. By itself, it's not really a media player.

    When the media player opens to play your DVD, open the task manager. Look at the applications tab, and it should list the name of the media player.

    AdobeARM is the update utility for Adobe. It notifies you when there are updates to be downloaded.
  42. Ok, when the media player opened to play the DVD, I opened task manager. What shows up in applications is "Flash". I right-clicked on it and selected "Go to Process", the Processes tab opened with the following high-lighted "DVD-ROM.EXE". Went back into msconfig and looked for DVD-ROM.EXE and it is not there. Any ideas?
  43. Can you take a screenshot of the media player and the task manager? You can upload them to imageshack for free. Post the forum code, and I'll be able to see what you're seeing.
  44. I'll research imageshack since I never used it. Also, and what is the forum code?
  45. The forum code is the link for the image that is formatted specifically for forums. After the image is uploaded, the forum code will be displayed under the image.

    1. Take the screenshot
    2. Save it in an image manager
    3. Go to imageshack and browse to the image
    4. Click upload
    5. Locate and copy the forum code under the image
  46. Tried to take screenshot and paste into Notepad. I've done it hundreds of times before but it would not capture anything. Ugh!
  47. Use word or wordpad. crtl + prtscrn, then open word or wordpad, shift + insert.
  48. I'm using XP Pro and it only has notepad. I see from searching the internet there are Wordpad downloads available, lots of them. Do you know of any trustworthy download sites for this where I won't get spam or viruses from? If not, I will just take my chances.
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