X48 vs P45

What is the difference between the upcoming X48 motherboards and P45 motherboards?

I know X38/X48 is Crossfire, but is P35/P45 SLI?
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  1. I know nothing about P45 ..

    But P35 is not SLI for sure .. Some board manufacturers able to put dual PCIe 16 on this chipset for P35 (one PCIe run on full x16, but the second on x4). They are Crossfire enabled, but none for SLI on P35 ...
  2. I don't know alot about P45, but if it's a similar idea to X48, then it's just a cherry-picked P35 (the same as X48 is basically a cherry-picked X38). It won't support SLI, nvidia has not provided an SLI licence to Intel, even though it most certainly could support SLI at a hardware level.
  3. well i think the improvements on the P45 chipset are more significant then the improvements on the X48.

    P45 will support the newer PCIe 2.0 standard, as well as x8 support for crossfire... both of these are huge improvements for mainstream motherboards in terms of gaming, especially with upcoming gpus.

    the other improvement is DDR3 1333 support upto 8Gb (versus the current max of 4Gb)
  4. P45 is part of the new Chipset called Eagle Lake. It is not a Cherry picked P35. It will have a single PCIe 2.0 x16 slot that can be configured to be support 2 x8 slots. Similar to the 975 but without the need to have external switch chips is my understanding. The motherboard companies can either design the board to support DDR3 or DDR2.
  5. pausert20 said:
    P45 is part of the new Chipset called Eagle Lake. It is not a Cherry picked P35.

    That's a good thing :D
  6. But performance wise it's very similar to the p35 (the p45).
  7. basically,get a P45 if you want a good single video card,otherwise,the dual 16x slots on the X38/X48 is the way to go if you Crossfire
  8. teeth_03...

    The P45 series from Biostar,Asus,and Asrock are pretty great.

    It supports Crossfire on the P45.
    To those who don't believe in SLI for Intel chipsets,check the Nehalem boards,as they will most likely be SLI and Crossfire,and that will be good...I hope.
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