[HELP] install Radeon HD 2600 pro AGP

I need some help I am upgrading from a Radeon 9800 pro AGP to a Radeon HD 2600 pro AGP. When I uninstalled the old drives and installed the new card when I start it up it gives me a “boot failure” and asks me to insert a boot disk. But if I put in the old card it starts up like normal. If someone could help me that would be awesome
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  1. What is your PSU?
  2. 400W Thermaltake
  3. It might be cutting it too close, but you should at least be able to boot.

    Is your AGP slot 4x/8x?
  4. I have a 8x AGP.
    Also I got it to work once then I installed new drivers from the ati website and restarted and got the same error. So really don’t know how to fix the problem
  5. You actually got the drivers to install?? I keep getting the message that it "Can't find compatible hardware" and then shuts down the installer. That includes the drivers on the installation cd.
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