First Build, Problems with DVD Drive

Hey everyone, I just wanted to thank you all for your help with putting together my first build. Everything installed with no problems, and it was working perfectly for about 4 days. Suddenly when I restarted one time I noticed my DVD drive was not appearing in explorer. Device manager showed a conflict, specifically it indicates that the driver is
there but it cannot install it (error 39). I'm using Vista Ultimate 64.

This is despite the fact that the DVD drive appears during the BIOS post, and I can boot off DVDs such as Ubuntu live. I have tried uninstalling the device in Vista and then restarting, but the same thing happens when I reboot. Any ideas what could have caused this?
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  2. Did you install burning software?
  3. I hadn't installed any software related to DVD burning/reading
  4. Have you checked the 'Filters' problem? Look at this post at my blog.

    dvdrw driver-malfunction under windows
  5. the filters problem only occurs when you uninstall certain software... and its a rare occurrence.

    The OP said he didnt install anything.

    try moving the drive to a different port on the mobo
  6. That is not true at all. I had a client that installed C&C and it happened. My brother did a fresh install of windows and it was like that upon first boot.

    I have only had it happen once to me. That was after a 3 hour session of Oblivion.

    I think I understand. Do the hardest possible thing first! Myrkul23 clearly stated the drive works. Just not in windows.
  7. I tried moving the drive to a different SATA port on the motherboard, and when I rebooted Vista detected new hardware but couldn't correctly install the driver... which led to the same conflict in device manager. As for the filters problem, I searched for those strings in the registry and couldn't find any trace of them.
  8. If the drive is really a SATA drive then this is a known issue with Windows Vista you have to phone MS to get the patch the normal way or wait for SP1 or use this link Hope it works for you.
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