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Hello every one i am about to purchase some parts to build my first gaming pc, I was going to order most my oarts from new egg, and i was going to go with a HIS iceQ 7950 because of the 3 free games, but they ended that deal but tiger direct still has it, they also have this http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=5736415&sku=P450-7976%20GAME4 , it seems like a good deal for that card, but im not very sure about the rebate deal, it seems kinda sketchy, from what i was able to figure out is that instead of it being a gift card sort of thing they just refund you the money, but iv also heard it is through a third party store and am not to confident in it. if some one know a little more about it i would much appreciate it. i will be ordering it when ever i know more.

additional notes: i was going to get the gtx 660ti from newegg when it came with boarderlands 2 but that ended and i already have the assassins creed 3 it now comes with. if any one knows of any other deals that would be best. because i feel like i would rather have the 660 ti if it comes down to that or the 7950, but i wont the 3 free games the 7950 comes with.

I know i have written alot, but i have many concerns, since im about to make such a big purchase.

in short: im not sure if the mentioned 7970 deal is very reliable, if any one has any input it would be much appreciated.
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  1. Looks like any other rebate that I have seen. I have done rebates with Asus Corsair OCZ GiGabyte they all send out prepaid AMEX or Visa gift cards through a 3rd party who does rebates for many other companies. Tiger Direct is a solid company.
  2. should still have the 3 game bundle given the promo applies to all amd cards
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