No display on monitor from video card

Hey all,
I hope someone can help me with a hair-pulling problem I am having with my 1-month old PC. I have tried every possible solution to no avail. I have looked on countless forums as well and tried all the likely solutions but nothing has helped.

Okay, so I recently took my whole comp apart to install aftermarket NB, SB, and CPU HSF's as well as a couple of Thermaltake Spirit RS's on my 2x2GB sticks of RAM. When I put it all back together after installation and turned it on, nothing displayed on my monitor except for the Acer popup screen when it is first turned on and a "no display" box popup after that followed by the monitor going into standby. The computer powers up with everything seeming like it is getting the proper power. Fans, LEDs, etc. all are on and I get no beeps from mobo except for when I forgot to plug in the 6-pin to the video cards. RAM doesn't look faulty because I have 2 extra brand new 4GB sticks that I swapped in and nothing changed. Also, I tried swapping the video cards in opposite PCIx-16 slots but nothing happened as well. I tried using a VGA cable with DVI adapter on the end instead of the DVI cable I have that runs from the monitor to the card bvut hasn't done anything either. Tried using just one video card and switched SLI card to single. Also reset BIOS on mobo.

I have come to the following conclusions-sound logical?

a)Bad psu

b)I somehow fried both cards (seems unlikely though.)

Your helpful responses are greatly appreciated.

OCZ GamexStream 700W
2x2GB Transcend pc6400
Asus P5N-E SLI
Antec Nine Hundred
dual MSI NX8800GT (SLI'd)
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  1. Have you tried a different monitor? Just one video card?
  2. Well I know that the monitor/cables work since I am using it right now on my laptop as a dual-display.
    I did try each card seperatly on the board but still nothing.
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