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Hi , i am going to build a new pc and i need comments on choosing the right motherboard. Many thanks.

AM2+ motherboards are quite expensive and the ASUS M3A board seems not good according to reviews by newegg users. What about Asus M2N-E and Gigabyte MA69G-S3H ? Are they good ? Which one is better the 69G motherboard comes with onboard graphics, but i do not need it at all. And is Asus do better in terms of warranty and supports?

CPU: AM2 X2 4000+ CPU
RAM: Kingston DDR2 800 1GB X 2
Harddisk : WD3200AAKS (320GB)
Antec Earthwatt 450
Graphics card: Leadtek 8600GTS DDR3
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  1. Excuse me, but I don't think newegg users are the best. You should google the board + "review" & look at a few results befor jumping into conclusion.

    Best, better & good are subjective. What are you trying to accomplish with the board? That's the question.

    I'd recommend Biostar T-Force 550, 560, 570 or even better 770. They're budget overclockers. No onboard video.
  2. This Gigabyte is a nicely featured AM2+/AM mobo. Used one Gigabyte board recently in a build but haven't had any problems so don't know about support.
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