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Hello,I seem to have lost my Microsoft Word file, can't remember when I last used it, must have been about 2 weeks ago.
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  1. Are you talking about the Word program? It has disappeared?
    You can try this to turn back the clock on the computer:
    Restore does not erase your personal files and is reversible.
    click start
    click all programs
    click accessories
    click system tools
    click system restore
    check the box that says restore my computer to an earlier time, click next
    select a bold date on the calendar, a date before the problem started, click next
    follow through with the restore directions
    restart the computer after it finishes
    if the system restore does not work, select an even earlier bold date on the calendar and repeat the procedure
    try this with at least four earlier dates before giving up and trying something else
  2. To see if Microsoft word is still installed, Press the windows key+R and in the run command type winword.exe If word starts you will be able to recreate a shortcut to it from Program files. If it is just a word document that you have lost, go to Start / search for files and folders. In the box type *.doc Every word document it finds will be displayed. Make sure you check all of your computer C drive.
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