Intel E2160 won't overclock past 224fsb!

My intel E2160 dual core @1.8ghz (200mhzx9) won't overclock past 224mhz fsb for a clock speed of only 2.02ghz.

I have an Asrock ConRoe 1333-D667 Intel 945G mobo.
I also have a generic (sort of) power supply which is rated at 450W and has one 12v rail @ 20amps. The brand is "Thame Star" (I can't find them on google, so I assume it isn't very good)

The powersupply failed once already and was replaced for a mere $20. This tells me the powersupply can't have been very good.

I have the stock cpu cooler than came with my intel E2160. Will that allow me to overclock it to 2.4ghz (266x9)?
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  1. By the way: What were other people's experiences overclocking their cpus on various Asrock Mobos and various Intel 945G mobos (like from gigabyte, asus, etc.)
  2. I know nothing about OC but have read enough posts here to know that more information is required. What are your other components, what is the ram that you have? and what settings have you tried in the bios to get your over clocking?
  3. I chose the PCE Async mode in the bios.

    Ram is PC5300 2x1gb from kingston.

    gpu: Ati x1050 (which is basically a rebranded x300)
  4. Dont expect miracles on junk components.
  5. Whoah whoah! What makes this setup junk? The pc5300 ram is enough for an FSB of 333 and the gpu has nothing to do with the cpu overclock does it?

    Is the 945G a really crappy overclocker? Is asrock to blame for this pc's inability to overclock? Or is the crappy psu the culprit here?

    I need your overclocking advice, not your general life lesson advice. Is 266mhz too much to ask for on an Intel 945G? Or is it too much for this PSU? I can't see how it would be too much for the psu, since the Hd3800 series only needs a 450watt minimum, and a 3800 would be paired with a phenom which has a higher power draw than an intel E2160 (according to amd reasoning)
  6. The 945 chipset isn't a good overclocker, it has a max of 800mhz fsb so you cant expect alot more, and you could spend a tiny bit more on a decent psu...
  7. but my fsb is 800mhz STOCK!!!

    That means I can't overclock at all?

    Wait, my mobo box said it supported UP TO 1333mhz (333) FSB
  8. I would recommend reading the over clocking sticky. There are a lot of factors on overclocking. You probably need to up your voltage on some components but beware, doing so is not always advisable. (it can ruin your system if your components can't handle the extra draw)

    ps. What is the reason for overclocking? I've read about it extensively but have never thought it was worth the risk. (i have older components, P4 3.0 ghz, and a newer laptop)
  9. generic psu not good, mobo not good.
  10. And kingston RAM too..... Three stikes your out.....

    I really suggest you read about overclocking and setting voltages etc.

    OC Forums, xtreme forums. There is enuff to keep you busy for days.

    Sometimes it could be just a ram voltage or just about anything.
  11. idi, your MB is a lower-quality MB using an obsolete chipset. Get something like one of the Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3x series - $75 to $150 depending on features. I found this thread: which indicates you won't be able to successfully OC because of severe limitations of the MB (see especially the last post in the thread).
  12. Kingston ram is bad? I thought it was a trustworthy brand.

    The ram runs at a 4:3 ratio (runs at 533 with 200mhz fsb)

    So shouldn't the ram become an issue until the FSB is pushed past 250mhz, NOT 224mhz.
  13. the MB stop your step.........
  14. The RAM is probably OK -- it's your motherboard that is the problem.
  15. The mobo won't even let me change the voltages.

    I keep seeing these thing about a pin mod.

    You have to put electrical tape on a couple pads of the bottom of the cpu to trick the mobo into thinking that I have a 1066fsb instead of 800.
  16. ^That is defenently a cr@ppy board if it doesn't let you change voltage/FSB.

    If you seriously want to OC the E2160 get these:

    P35-DS3L ($85)
    A good PSU like Antec EA430, Silverstone 400 or even better, a Corsair 450VX/550 or for the higher end PSUs a PP&C 610. ($45-120)
    A good HSF like the XIGMATEK S1283 (+ bolt in kit) ($35-40)

    The DDR2 667 RAM is fine since the max the E2000 series can OC stable is 3-3.25Ghz with out really high voltages. You can run the RAM:FSB at 1:1.
  17. It will let me adjust the FSB, and the voltage auto adjusts. (I think)
  18. No, the voltage won't be auto-adjusting. The board isn't made for OCing, period.
  19. Hi Idi,

    I know it's been awhile but, I just wanted to know if you made any progress with your e2160/kingston setup. I have the same proc/ram combo and am running into some problems as well.

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