How to delete the 'un-deleted' files?

I have some files that can't be deleted. what should I do?
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  1. khekhe said:
    I have some files that can't be deleted. what should I do?

    I tend to suspect malware when this happens and suggest you download MalwareBytes from the install and update it. Scan and let it remove anything it finds then restart the computer.

  2. Try deleting in safe mode. Make sure those files aren't System files.
    If you are deleting system files, you are messing with OS.
    Be Careful.

    If you are looking for making free space, run disk cleanup.
    Start>Programs>Accessories>System tools> Disk Cleanup,
    Choose the drive & clean.

    Hop this helps
  3. Step 01:

    * Click Start -> Search -> All Files and Folders
    * Type the name of the undeletable file in the search box shown and lastly click Search.
    * When you find the file or program, right click on that and go to Properties and make a note of the file location & close search window. It may be similar to :

    Step 02:

    * Click on Start -> Run -> type CMD -> Press Enter to open a Command Prompt window.
    * Don't close Command Prompt window, but proceed to close all other open programs.

    Step 03:

    1. Click on Start -> Run -> type TASKMGR.EXE -> press Enter to start Task Manager -> Click on the Processes tab,
    2. Click on the process named Explorer.exe and click End Process.
    3. Minimize Task Manager but leave it open
    Step 04:

    1. Go back to Command Prompt window (step 2) and change to the directory where the file is located by using CD command. [ Example: to change to the Windows\System directory, write cd \windows\system32 and hit Enter]
    2. Type DEL undeleted-filename Example: del undeleted-filename.exe. [undeleted-filename means the file or program you want to delete.]

    Step 05:

    1. Press ALT+TAB to go back to Task Manager
    2. In Task Manager, click File -> New Task -> Enter EXPLORER.EXE to restart the Windows shell.
    3. Now, close the Task Manager

    By follwoing these steps, you can easily delete any kinds of undeleted files or programs.
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