Packard bell imedia no beeping

I was using my desktop pc today as normal and i tried to shut it down and a blue screen appeared, then restarted my pc, so i shut down again and it was fine,

i tried to turn on my pc about 20 mins later and its power comes on but no beeps and no windows logo etc, but power stays on on tower, any help please thanks,
a???????????? not post your @mail address.
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  1. Did you try restarting again? If it doesn't work check to make sure all the wires are connected at the back; and if you're comfortable check the inside of the box to make sure they're all connected still.

    If they are and if it starts to boot, hold down F8 and use the arrow keys to select the "safe" mode and hit enter to boot in to that then follow the instructions from there.
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Packard Bell Imedia Windows Vista