Using a dual power supply connector - IS THIS SAFE, c

I have a couple of 500 Watt Antec Psu's and I want to build a connector that will power them on at the same time. Using some info in an ATX Spec pdf here, It seems like I can connect the green wires on my 24 pin MB connector(pin #16) to the green on the other PSU and then connect a black to black(ground) on both PSU's.

Does anyone see any problem with this setup? Ultra Products sometime ago had a device that would do this but I can not find it anywhere the model number was "ULT40011"

Is there anything that is missing or is not being shown here that I should be aware of ?

I want to use this on an ASUS Maximus Formula SE MB that I want to max out. I will however be trying the adaptor out and an older MB first -- I don't want to burn up either though.

WHY am I doing this rather than getting a 750 Watt or higher PSU?

1. Power requirements are being reduced for high end equipment
2. I already have these decent PSU's from builds that got little use because they were dedicated machines for tasks that have now bwwn combined
3. I want to have 1 PSU powering the MB(ASUS Maximus Formula SE ), CPU(Q6600), Video card(x1900xtx now but going to HD3870x2) -- the other PSU powering the case fans(8), 4 hard drives, 2 optical drives, a water cooler for the NB on the MB.

I could probably just keep the to totally separate and turn them on individually but what about grounding? I do not know enough on the subject to know if the PSU needs to be grounded beyond mere case contact.

I know enough on this subject to be dangerous to myself, my computer and my house. That is why I am begging your input here.

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  1. At least power te HD on which the OS is installed with the same PS that will be powering the MB and GPU.
  2. Thanks, I hadn't thought of that. With that in mind I probably need to make all my drives sata including optical because sata is hot pluggable. OR systematically turn on the mb PSU last if both PSU's are not turned on simultaneously.
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