Problem With Shuttle BareBone

I'm putting together a new machine using
Shuttle BareBone SD36G5
Intel Duo Core 2.66Mhz E6750
2X Kingston KVR667D2N5/1G
Samsung DVD-R IDE
I't will not start all the Fans are running and the Harddisk spinns up but the system will not start. The question is can the BareBone handle the Hardware or is it to much. Please advice.
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  1. i suggest you dont use a Shuttle Barebone unless you are going to build a simple computer because they certainly do not have enoungh room.I wouldnt think that the Barebone is the problem though as far as i see i would check your video card connection or even maybe your processor.It's most likely a simple fix, i suggest that you start from scratch and start over again it wont take long.
  2. Hey i just thought of something, try checking and make sure that your memory or ram is pressed in all the way in their slot's because that will cause that problen you mentioned.
  3. Are you getting any beep codes from the case speaker?

    Your system come in at 180-200 watts depending on load, so you should be OK on that 250w PSU. However, I would not add any more components.

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