CD drive freezes computer

Here is a strange one. Let me know what ideas you have on this one.
I have a Dell Precision 370 and when I insert any cd into the cd/rom drive it freezes the computer to the point that I must manually turn it off.

Steps that I have taken:
- Started by thinking it was the CD drive or a driver causing the problem.
- Swapped the CD drive and the same issue occured.
- Uninstalled and reinstalled the latest driver for the drive. Same issue occured.
- From here I am confused about what it could be so I decided to take an image of the hard drive and put it on another pc (same model - precision 370) and see if the problem occurs. The problem was resolved on the new precision 370 with the image from the old 370 so this tells me that it is not a driver or software issue. It also can't be the drive since I had previously tried the drive from the new 370 on the old one.
- I tried switching IDE cables and then switching IDE ports. No resolve.
- I checked for IRQ and I/O conflicts and there are none.
- Now I'm stumped, any ideas? I still have a 370 that locks up upon inserting a cd.
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  1. Hi figley9,
    I have the same problem on my Windows 7 64 bit operating system using an Optiarc DVD RW AD-7200a ATA Device.

    I may have to buy a new CD/DVD player for the pc tomorrow as I believe it could be a hardware issue.

    Unusually, I have had a few pc CD/DVD drivers play up???

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