can I upgrade my Pentium D 930

I know I cannot upgrade to C2D but can I upgrade to a pentium dual core?
I have intel i945p mobo. Any ideas would be helpful.
Its this series CPU.
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  1. Isn't the Pentium D dual core anyways? The one you want to upgrade to is named Pentium, but in reality based on Core 2 architecture. I would recommend a save up your money until Nehalem theory.
  2. Yes it is but they are cheap, the pentium dual cores, and I see on benches they are faster. I do not want a all new computer, I am asking about upgrading the one I have. 100 bucks will not make a difference when I upgrade to new comp, please read the question before you post answer that means nothing.
  3. It doesn't mean nothing.

    You asked to upgrade to a Pentium Dual Core. You said you have a Pentium D 930. You already have a dual core.

    You also said you cannot upgrade to Core 2 Duo. The E2180, although being called Pentium, is based on Core 2 Duo architecture. Thus, any technical problems you may have with upgrading to a mainstream Core 2 Duo will also be had with the E2180. If the inability to upgrade to Core 2 Duo is merely a matter of cost, then go ahead and the get the one you want. A good overclock will make you happy for at least two years.

    However, I just went and looked at the 945P chipet. According to Intel's website, it does support Core 2 Duos. Therefore, you should buy the one you have linked to. It will trash your old dual-core.
  4. sorry, tired and frustrated. I only support 800 mhz fsb I believe on my mobo, that is why I was unsure of the pentium dual core, was not sure if it was based on c2d arcitecture, or if there was other fators involved
  5. The one you wish to upgrade to is an 800 FSB processor. I would recommend going for it now. Make sure you overclock to get more out of it.
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