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I've installed MS speech SDK 5.1 in Windows XP and I've recently installed office 2010 Home Edition.
I've assumed that speech recognition will work in office 2010 but having read recent articles I may have wasted my money.
Does anyone know if speech recognition in XP works with office 2010?
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  1. Google search....

    Just an additional $.02 worth of information.

    1. You won't find any speech recognition built into Microsoft's Office even with Microsoft Office 2003 when running under Windows Vista or Windows 7 because support for the old version of Microsoft's Speech Recognition was only supported in Windows XP (ctfmon.exe).

    2. Since Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) is built into the operating system in Windows 7/Windows Vista, it is a very simple process to enable it.

    3. Be advised that you need to be careful if you're using DNS under Windows 7 Professional 64-bit to install the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office 2010. The 64-bit version is not compatible with DNS 10.1. However, the 32-bit version retains and is compatible with all of the Microsoft Office 2007 Natural Language Commands, as well as all of the Global commands, Voice Shortcuts, and Voice Dictation Commands. Therefore, any of the commands that are unique to Microsoft Office are fully enabled in Microsoft Office 2010 32-bit version. Support for the 64-bit version will likely not be available until the next release of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.

    4. Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) in Windows 7 64-bit fully supports Microsoft Office 2010 64-bit. So if you are planning on using Windows Speech Recognition (WSR), then you can install the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office 2010 as all Select-and-Say and Active Accessibility is enabled for Microsoft Office 2010 under Windows Speech Recognition (WSR).

    Chuck Runquist
    Technical Project Manager
    VoiceTeach LLC
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