680i mb and q9450

Im thinking of upgrading my E6600 to an Q9450.

I have a evga 680i mb, ddr2 800 gskill.

How hard you guys think ill be able to overclock the Q9450 on my motherboard?
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  1. I'm not aware of ANY 680i board that supports Yorkfield. The latest bios for your mobois for up to Wolfdale:

    Bios Version :  P32 
    BIOS Date :  1/21/2008 
    Bios File :  NF68_P32.bin  (FTP / HTTP) 
    Notes :  The following was updated in release P32:
    Updated Wolfdale CPU microcode 
    Also includes these updates from bios P20, P21, P23, P24, P25, P26, P27, P28, P29, P30 and P31:
    Improved Core 2 Quad 1333 stability and overclocking 
    Improved Core 2 Duo 1333 overclocking 
    Resolves issues with G0 stepping CPU's detecting odd multipliers 
    Improved overclocking for Kentsfield 1333 FSB CPUs 
    Additional 1333 FSB Support for future CPUs 
    Fixes intermittent S3 Resume bug 
    Improve S3 resume functionality 
    USB flash key functionality improvements 
    Overclocking and memory improvements 
    WHQL-related HPET fixes 
    Quad-Core OC Improvements 
    Additional support for 1333MHz CPU's 
    Wireless PCI card fixes 
    Vreg fan header default set to on 
    Memory performance improvements 
    Vista WHQL Certified 
    USB Floppy improvements for RAID installs 
    Correct CPU temp and voltage system monitor displays in BIOS 
    Correct default CPU multiplier setting 
    Fix "Code 50" hang received under certain VGA configurations 
    Fix for SATA disk drives 
    Improvements to memory stability and overclockability 
    Disabled spread spectrum tables for improved overclockability 
    Improve POST screen CPU speed reporting 
    Improves X-Fi and internal audio functionality 
    WHQL Certified BIOS 
    Improvements to overclocking 
    Enhancements for Quad-Core CPUs 
    Adds ability to enable splash screen

  2. He's right. ^
    I believe you need a 780i board to run the Yorkfield processors.
  3. So better go with the Qx6700 then. At least has the multiplier unblocked!

    With the Qx6700 probably will be able to overclock to 3.4ghz.

    Am I right?
  4. I was going to get a q6700 from my e6420... and then OC it past 4 ghz... my 680i mobo can get me upto a stable 450 fsb... so... w/ water cooling I could get it well past 4 ghz...

    its just my computer isn't stable anymore and I want to be able to have it stable and be a little bit faster... just debating whether I should wait for nehalem and build a nehalem system that will last me a little longer... or jsut upgrade now...
  5. You don't need a high multi if you're on air cooling cuz heat will be your enemy #1. Not multiplier. Q6600/Q6700 is more than enough to do 3.4ghz. It's a matter of config.
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