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Well, I'm gonna make a PC for gaming and I want to play games in 1900 x 1200, so I'm thinking 8800 GT (or should I up to the GTS for that high of resolution?). Anyways, on the audio side of things, what type of hardware am I going to need to connect my guitars and mics to the computer?
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  1. There are many options, it all depends on your budget for the recording side of things. for Guitar and MIC you'd need one 1/4" input and one XLR input, so the e-mu 0202 might be a good option, I got the 0404 myself, more input options.

    Here are some USB 2.0 options from m-audio, creative/e-mu:

    this is the one I got to replace my creative audigy 2zs platinum:

    there are also a bunch of PCI/internal options too, which come with frontpanels to plug into.

    if budget isn't an issue, maybe look for a firewire 800 interface, with onboard DSP or something? :bounce:
  2. GTS512, not just GTS. If you want to max things out in games, go with the faster card.
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