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Heya guys, Im getting a new Asus P5N-T Deluxe Motherboard, and it has 3 way SLI compatibility.

but heres the thing, it has 2 additional mini PCI express slots and 1 PCI slot, but if your using prettymuch any 8800 card, it will have a fan that takes up the slot below it, so if I ever do decide to use 3, it will eliminate the ability to use those 3 additional slots.

Not too big a deal, but id also like to use a PCI express soundblaster xfi card if its possible, and cant decide which would be worth more, the third vid card or the sound blaster (the board comes with a pretty decent onboard sound that supports EAX2).

So then I was thinking I may be able to get both, anyone know if there are any 8800's that come in both a double slot and single slot version, that I can place a high quality low profile copper heatsink/fan on to save a slot?
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  1. Are you planning on getting 3 GTXs or Ultras? cause those are the only two cards that support 3 way SLI, and they cost $$$$
    all other Geforces support 2 way SLI tho and they're a lot more cost effective
  2. i just ordered a evga 780i and i feel you pain. i already have 2 8800gtx's. at some point i will run 3way sli so the only option i see to have use of my other slots is to go water cooling and make everything single slot. costs more but i am already water cooling the cpu so....not much more work though its $$$. ideally i would run an xfi sound card with xram and maybe (for 5h!ts and giggles) a aegia ppu. the machine i have now is a old a8n-sli premuim with a fx60. i was thinking about putting in a couple of 8800gts (g92) to replace the gtx's i'll be removing to put in my yorkie system. that way i can keep it as a game server or guest computer for home lan fun for cod4, unreal 3, etc...anyways with dual slot cooling it makes builds more difficult. i hope we start seeing more single slot solutions like sapphire is doing with the atomic series with vapor cooling. water blocks for gpus are expensive if u goof up the sink removal and damage a board in attempt to water cool it and prebuilt water cooled chips are mjar chunks of change more.
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