New system build...onboard sound?

Well I got my system to power up, small steps eh? Now I hooked up a monitor and nothing, and I hear no beeps. I'm not sure if I need to install a speaker or if the motherboard has onboard sound I can hear w/o hooking anything up. The box says "on board 7.1 channel HD Audio CODEC", does this mean I'll be able to hear it POST w/o attaching anything?
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  1. No you will probably not hear anything. Most boards dont have a speaker anymore. You can buy a little speaker that hooks onto the motherboard headers. If the computer is powering up and you see nothing check all connections to make sure everything is plugged in and hooked up correctly. Also try to change your VGA cable to the other connector, sometimes it outputs to the other connector so you wouldn't see anything. Hope this helps.
  2. To get the BIOS beep codes there is usually a 4 pin connector from the case that connects in the area the on/off, reset, switch is. Try just one stick of RAM if you have two. Frequently, disassembling it and test each piece as you install them is the easiest way if it's not the RAM. Also make sure you have the precise number of standoffs
  3. Thanks for the reply Armenian and g-paw, I have tried removing the RAM one by one and swapping to no avail. My video card (MSI 8800GTX only has 2 DVI and one S-Video connectors, is this normal not to have a VGA?)

    G-paw is the four pin connector by chance a 1394 connector? That is the only connector for which I do not have a connection on my MOBO, well that and AC ' 97.
  4. Thanks, I found the area where the audio plugs in (SPKR) however I don't think my Antec Nine Hundred case has a cable for the audio to connect here. I tried looking in my old Sony, which makes a beep when it boots (Sony Vaio RZ22G) but I didnt see anything similar on the mother board I could disconnect and connect to my system. How can I test this without listening for the POST beep pattern?
  5. That case should have a speaker connector, never saw an Antic without one. Should be on the set of wires with the hdd, reset wires. Disassemble the machine including taking the mobo out and put it on the box the mobo came in, can put the ant static bag under it if you want. If the on/off wire is long enough, connect it and if not, you'll have to short the on/off pins. Test after putting each piece in. Make sure you have the precise number of off sets and screws for each when installing the mobo
  6. G-Paw, yeah my Antec case only has PWR SW, HLED, and RESET, nothing for SPKR unfortunately. I may just end up getting a motherboard that has some sort of LED indicator on it instead of this ABIT IP35V which has nothing to go by as far as indicator lights go.
  7. Hi there forester..
    I also have the Antec 900 case...and there is unfortunately no speaker :(

    However...your troubles..Your monitor, it has VGA and DVI correct?
    Have you attempted to switch its *source*? it is very strange to have a computer unable to post but not give any sort of warning...your board should have some sort of indicator i would assume?

    Check may have it working perfectly :)
  8. no picture is usually a problem with the video. sometimes ram, but video should work even without ram installed. mb still have the 4 pin secondary power connectors, right? I can't seem to remember now... and I just built a new one! I'm sure they do... make sure that's connected too. I made that mistake once and had the same problem.
  9. Good call nvalhalla, my video card was too long and therefore was not connected fully into the MOBO. I now have video and will get to tinker with the BIOS settings tomorrow.

    Quick question, my computer turns on for 2 seconds, turn off for 2 seconds then powers back up and runs continuously. Any idea if that should be a concern or what it might be?
  10. Goodmorning Everyone,So Forester how are things coming along , i see that you got your computer to power up,is everything else working ok now?
  11. Yeah inspecter I can get to the BIOS screen so that will be my project for the day, that and load Windows Vista, then I should be good to go, I appreciate all the help on here for my first build!
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