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Ok, so first of all this is a problem with a laptop, so I'm not sure this is in the right section, but it does have to do with video memory. I have a HP Pavilion DV2109nr with 2 GB's of RAM that I upgraded. When I got it, there was only 1. It came with WinXP MCE, and the video memory (shown) was 128 MB shared. I installed WinXP Pro because I was tired of the trial ware slowing up the system. I installed the video driver and now all of the sudden it shows only 32 MB of video memory. I've read and asked around and in general I hear that it has to do with BIOS, but I don't see anywhere to change it. It preforms like it has the full amount of vRAM, but applications, games, and dxdiag all say that I have 32 MB. The chipset is Intel 945GM, and I understand one driver takes care of all of the 945 ranges including 945, 945G, and 945GM.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I know it's not a huge problem but it really is bugging me.
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  1. Somes manufacturing notebook like HP, Dell, sony... they are not post clearly about Video ram on low end notebook, with high end expensive they post clearly about video ram, example: 256 MB or 512 MB video ram dedicated. My experience is, when i see the ad. HP 6745US note book up to 799 MB video RAm, i thought that a dedicated video ram, but when I run fallout3 game, it could not handle it while a desktop with video card have 256 MB ram it handle the games perfect. Took me 3 weeks to learn and find out the problem, I chat with HP technical, and email with HP technical support, all of them from India, they konw not thing just follow the manual and answer. My note boook bios can set up 32, 64 or 128 MB video ram, this is dedicated video ram build on board, the rest up 799 Mb ram is shrared ram. Some games they are 3D, and real time. need at least 256 or 512 Mb viddeo memory dedicated, shared ram never work well, don't try if you have a low end laptop, or a laptop is not designed for gaming, if you have a desktop, install a video card with 512 MB video ram dedicated . Shared video ram work well on graphic art drawing, video editing, 3D max, autocad...... If you want play 3D games, or fast real time video game must buy a laptop design for gaming, or a laptop comes with 512 MB dedicated video ram, but it expensive about 2000 dollars up
  2. Thank you for stating the obvious...i like how you try to differ yourself from these indian tech support agents who you apparantely know more purchased a notebook because of the amount of video ram it had :lol: ...*snicker*

    Did i mention that i apreciate the sure after a year and a few months he must be jumping back to this thread all of the time...
  3. Wow, much has changed since I've posted this. I'm typing the reply on the very laptop I had trouble with. Since then, I'd moved to Vista, where all of the sudden I had 256MB VRAM, because I think I forgot to mention that I had just added a GB of ram to the laptop before I had this problem. I'm now running Windows 7 RC and still have that 256MV VRAM. I guess now I understand that this laptop has 32MB dedicated VRAM and the rest is shared from the RAM. Back then, I don't know why, the shared memory wasn't being counted. It had me peeved, that was all. Thank you for your replies though!

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