Q6600 wont OC past 2.7 please help.

Hi guys. Here is my setup:

Q6600 2.4GHZ - IDLE TEMPS AROUND 50 FOR SOME REASON - Ordered Artic freezer 7

Right I have heard that these chips can overclock to 3.6, It will OC to 2.7 in bios, anything above 300 fsb and it wont post.

All voltages are set to auto along with all my memory timings.

I have got no idea why it wont oc higher, I dont know what to change memory timings to etc.

Can anyone help me, I think something is bottlenecking my 9800 GX2.The fps aint to high.Dont think the system performance is good for what im running. Something is wrong here.

Can some one please help me, this is driving me up the wall.

Thanks guys
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  1. What's you power supply? Secondly, curiously, I'm just checking you are running Vista 32 bit with 6GB of ram?
  2. 6 gigs in vista 32 bit? useless, take out the 3rd stick. but the temps are probably what are holding you back right now. 50c in idle is deadly in full. but when you get the freezer, make sure to completely clean the cpu of any old paste. but you may want to change voltage to manual and step it up yourself.
  3. 3.6GHz. is unrealistic. No idea what memory timigs are? Voltages are at default? Strong suggestion. Read the stickies like this one...

  4. Is that 2 sticks or 4 sticks?....4 sticks is extra load on memory controller.....dont leave volt settings on auto especially with vCPU...I have mine set on 1.325, make sure you use divider with memory.
  5. Im running 2.7 on a B3 @ ~1.125v Bios
    Try with just 1 stick of ram, set the voltage to ~2.1v
    My ram is also 800Mhz, but even underclocked it needs a little more voltage.

    3.6Ghz is a little unrealistic, Solly he is running 3 sticks, 2Gb each.
  6. Right, my psu has died, might of damaged other components? the pc case fans flicker on and off in and instant, tested psu and its gone, ordered corsair 750w. should be ok.

    I have already tried taking the 3rd stick of ram out, but it wont boot in dual channel mode. I dont understand it wont post, if i put them in single channel it will post fine.

    Really wierd

  7. dhicks2008 said:

    I believe this is your biggest problem getting past 2.7GHhz. Nvidia's 650i SLI (and really all of their chipsets) fail at good overclocking. Besides reading the previously posted overclocking sticky, take a look Here at what Grimmy need to do to get better overclocks from that chipset.
    Also, please post your BIOS settings.

    On a side note...
    Damn badge, that is a pile of systems you are running!
    I would love to still have some of the older systems still running.
    A box for every version of windows would make my old copy's of TIE Fighter, Mechwarrior 2 and Homeworld much happier.
  8. Hi, sorry i cant, my psu has broken, going to buy a new one this week, hopefully it hasnt damaged any of my components, really worried. cost me alot.
  9. Quote:
    On a side note...
    Damn badge, that is a pile of systems you are running!
    I would love to still have some of the older systems still running.
    A box for every version of windows would make my old copy's of TIE Fighter, Mechwarrior 2 and Homeworld much happier.

    I'm about to build my first Home Server.


    Any suggestions for a final setup to run it? I'll use it lightly at first to store files to access at home and two offices.

    Don't want to take up unwanted space on OP's thread, but I will say 'TIE Fighter Mechwarrior 2' would be a good name for a rock band. :sol:
  10. Quote:
    3.6GHz. is unrealistic.

    Incorrect, sir. I am running a Q6600 @ 4.0.

    Your main problems are:

    1) nVidia chipset (Intel's OC much better)
    2) stock cooling should get you to 3.0 with FSB @ 333 up from 266 with no voltage increase.
    3) too many RAM DIMMS, 2 sticks should be your target, 4 is pushing it...6...good luck.

    Why are you running 6gig of RAM on a 32bit OS?

    What is your processor VID? Hint: CoreTemp will tell you.

    Lower your multiplier to 8x. OC your FSB with that.
    RAM to 2.0v
    Try RAM timings of 5-5-5-15 or 6-6-6-18 first...then see lower if possible.

    Need to know VID...that will help with CPU voltage. Mine is a 1.2250...I have it set at 1.3750v for 4ghz.
  11. Quote:
    Correct, sir. I am an exception running a Q6600 @ 4.0. /fixed

    Type Q6600 in search and see all the success stories of Q6600 at 3.6Ghz. You are the exception not the rule.
  12. Not starting a flame war, just wanted to make the point its possible and realistic.

    I do agree, though, those chips are always assumed to be incredible OC'ers, but the fact is, you just have to get lucky, but good CPU and NB cooling make a big difference, as does 1066 or higher rated RAM. Buying cheap, slow RAM and using stock coolers doesn't get you into that realm, but most assume it will.

    Also, I have had much more success with 8x multiplier than 9x...just my 2 cents worth.

    3600 @ 9x400 seems much harder to hit than 3600 @ 8x450.
  13. Yeah, you did well. I agree with your suggestion to OP, He'll never get there with the hardware He has. I think a lot of new Q6600 owners think just like OP. Which is, "I saw someone with their Q6600 at 3.6Ghz., why won't mine do that?" You explained it very well.

    A more realistic expectation regarding the OC ability of the Q6600 for the 'average' owner would be 3.2GHz. Maybe slightly higher with the proper hardware like you pointed out.
  14. i just want 3ghz out of mine, it just wont post when it goes above 2.7ghz 300fsb strange....
  15. hope it's not too late... i have the same problem with Q6600 and evga 680i sli , it won't post at 2.7Ghz but it posts from 2.9ghz to 3.35ghz :D .. it's a fsb hole or something... try it at 3ghz, maybe it's the same at yours. good luck!
  16. dammit I had to.
    I run my Q6600 not only in 3.6GHz, but w/ a voltage of 1.45 too.
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