Running 2 hard drives with no raid

Running two 500gb Barracuda hard drives.

500gb will be plenty more than I need, currently only using about 40gb on my old computer. My question to you is how would you set these two hard drives up for gaming and DVD burning?

I thought about this setup...Let me know if at any time I violate intergalactic HDD law. lol

C: OS (Vista Business 64bit), Virus (KIS 2009), Firewall (30gb)
D: Swapfile files??? (on HDD1 or HDD2) (6gb)
E: Mirrors C drive (backup) and will be my primary “boot from” drive (20gb)
F: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe, all programs except gamming, dvd, and cd burning. (100gb)
G: Data (mostly pics, and text) (100gb)
F: Music, mp3, movies, etc.. (244gb)

C: Gamming program & DVD burning program (30-40gb)_
D: Swapfile??? Not sure if I should put it here on the gamming/dvd drive
E: Mirror C: 1rst HDD
F: Mirrored G: 1rst HDD (Data Backup pics, text)
G: Mirrored F: 1rst HDD (music, mp3 b/u)

Looked at RAID setups and not really liking what I see, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Mostly this computer will be used for gamming and surfing the internet. Pretty much a newb and would appreciate the input. This is my first build and I need the help please.
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  1. Seems overly complex.
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