How to overwrite windows xp on a windows 2000 pro hdd?

I have a 40gig hdd from a work machine that was obselete according to IT and I have a copy of xp that i want to install for my 10 year old nephew.

I can not get the system to see the xp disk in the cr rom to partition the hdd

even in the limited bios screen i try to get it to boot from windows but it keeps searching for 2k.

Of course IT from work will not give me any information as to password issues and since it is free(the whole system p4 2.6, 512 mb ddr, 40 gig hdd works fine and will be great for a kid for a while) I would hate to spend anything on it as it is old

any ideas as to how I can get around the passwrd issues or possibly just get to install the xp i have?

any help is greatly appreciated
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  1. Be sure the boot order in the BIOS is set to CD first, harddrive second.
    If that is set properly, well you may have a bad optical drive.

    If the Optical drive (CDROM) cannot see the XP disk, how are you going to install XP, even if you do figure out how to format the drive another way? I would say try another CD drive. Once you get it to boot to the XP install CD, no problem. You can just install right over whatever is on the harddrive. It will wipe the drive during the install.
  2. Sounds like you could have the jumpers on the cdrom and the hard drive both set to either master or slave. The HDD needs to be the master and the CDROM needs to be the slave.... or th cdrom can be the master on IDE2 if you have a separate ide cable and IDE header...... Hmmmmmmmmmm? That is if the cdrom drive is good as stated by jitpublisher. As he said checking the bios is the first step... see if the cdrom is detected by the bios and make sure that it is set as the first boot device. Then if it is set as the first boot device and you still do not get that friendly set up screen then there is a possibility that the unit is bad.....
  3. thanks will check it later
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