e8400 Temps High, 1283 heatsink, no OC, please help!

Hi, I just put together my system which has the 1283 HS from xigmatek and the 8400 that isn't overclocked. I haven't calibrated my diodes or anything, all I've done is run HWmonitor, CoreTemp RealTemp ... the works. And I get around 50C idle and 60C load. The ambient is 23-24C. The heatsink itself doesn't get hot or anything or barely warm. I can touch the heatpipes no problem. It seems like it barely draws heat away from the CPU. My case is the Coolermaster 690 with 2x120mm intake at front and on side and one exhaust 120mm in the back.

The heatsink was oriented with the fan pointing upwards (there are vents at the top of the case) and the heatpipes are positioned so that the center heatpipe goes along the line that the cores make.


If you scroll down the instructions you'll see the line that they suggest to put arctic silver on, my center heatpipe runs right on that line.

Here are the two pictures after I removed the heatsink of the TIM spread. I'm going to remove the TIM and reapply or maybe use the stuff that came with the heatsink. I'm not entirely sure how old my AS5 is, or if it has an expiration date.



The 4 lines you may notice are from the grooves between the copper heatpipes and the aluminum.

I'm at a loss as to why my temps are so high, suggestions please?

I've heard that reorienting the heatsink so the heatpipes are across the cores instead of along them doesn't offer much different cooling.
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  1. Huh, the paste spread looks pretty good really.... not uneven enough to explain those temps.

    It looks so dark though... I wonder if you got a bad batch?
  2. Oh, you already responded =D

    Yeah that's very possible, getting it from frys was really shifty. THey just had all their arctic silver thrown into a box whether it was ceramique or paste or whatever. I just chose the tube that wasn't smashed -_-

    I can't image that thermal paste would go off over time though. Maybe I'll just try the white paste that came with it. Looks like they gave me a ton though.
  3. Also, would poor thermal paste actually hurt the temps that much? I'm sort of thinking that my heatsink is somehow not seated properly. But if that were the case then why did the TIM spread decently? 50C is really hot for the e8400 where I'm hearing temps almost near ambient with this cooler.
  4. Nope the color is right, found this :
  5. Core Temp and Real Temp are reporting similar idle temps?

    What does Tj Max say in your Core Temp?
  6. Real is lower by around 5 degrees. Real and SystemFan say around 44 or maybe lower if I just booted. HWMonitor and Core Temp say 5 degrees higher at around 49-50C. TJMax was 105 it said.
  7. core temp is more accurate than real temp

    real is often off by about 10 c
  8. Did you get the retention bracket for the HDT-S1283 by any chance? It might help.
  9. Yeah I have the retention bracket and bolt kit
  10. I don't know, that's some crazy temps for a non-OC chip with a great cooler and paste and case.

    My old Opteron 165 (90nm) idles 32c with Arctic Silver and the stock copper piped heatsink. Load hits 45c and the pipes are hot to the touch.

    Have you checked temp in the BIOS on startup? Do the P35 boards have a problem with 45nm chips?

    Good luck.
  11. real temp has the temps dead on when calibrated, core temp is off. TJ max for 45nm is 95 not 105.
  12. It's an x48 board, and the temps in the bios say around there, above 40 for sure.
  13. shadowthor said:
    real temp has the temps dead on when calibrated, core temp is off. TJ max for 45nm is 95 not 105.

    Yep, true.... and the Core Temp figures are 10 degrees too high as well, given a Tj Max of 105.

    If cleaning it all up and re-doing it doesn't work, I would have to say bad CPU at this point... although I do not know if it is bad enough for Intel to replace it.
  14. All the same, I would expect my heatsink to transfer the heat away but it feels like it isn't doing anything but sitting there. When I change fan speed from auto to max it does nothing except make it lounder. Maybe I should try the stock cooler and see what happens then, though I'm not sure how difficult the thermal pad is to remove after you've put it on the chip. I have acetone and isopropynol easily at my disposal.

    Edit: Also, does this mean I should take all the core temps and say -10 to it? That would put me at around 39-40C ... better right?
  15. I should have mentioned earlier, my Xig is cool to the touch. Literally. I just checked it again. Tops of the pipes are cold, fins are cool all the way down. That's pretty much at idle of course.
  16. Out of curiosity, maybe my diodes or whatever are rediculously uncalibrated. I just ran coretemp and hwmonitor on a different computer I have to see the temps and they say 8 and 10C o.O It's an athlon x2 4800

    Do these programs simply hate me?
  17. LOL, Core Temp reports both my cores at 38c at idle. That is with Tj Max at 105.

    So, if yours says 48 at idle, it's 10 degrees too high... about.
  18. Update your bios. Not sure what mobo you are using, but alot require updates to run the e8xxx series correctly. There have been some other posts with similar problems, and this fixed it. I don't think your cpu is actually running at that temp. The spread looked good, and you're using the aftermarket kit to attach it. Even when it's cooking, you probably won't feel the heat pipes get too warm.
  19. Great point. I couldn't read the CPU-Z screenshot you posted for me earlier.

    If you could blow that up so old men can read it and post it here, might help too.
  20. Yeah I haven't updated BIOS AT ALL. *cries*

    Should have done that awhile ago. But TJ max only affects core temp, what about HWMonitor and System Fan and the like. They still all report 44C and above.

    @Proximon, sorry about the poor quality... I'm actually not sure how that happened, maybe photobucket decided to kill the picture or something. I'll try and get it again tomorrow, but I have to wait, since I took the Heatsink off, I can't put it back on right? unless I clean and reapply the AS5.
  21. It's not about Tj Max... that is just a random number assigned to your sensors so that they make sense.

    If the BIOS is trying to run your CPU at incorrect voltages or other settings, that could cause it to overheat.
  22. http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Support/Motherboard/BIOS_Model.aspx?ProductID=2810

    So anyway, it says there "# Update CPU microcode(Support Intel Wolfdale/Yorkfield E0-stepping CPU) "
    as one of the changes.

    Could this be my salvation? I thought the 8400 was C0 stepping?

    Do you guys think its ok for me to reattach the heatsink without cleaning and reapplying, just to see how a bios upgrade would change things?
  23. Ya you want to flash the BIOS with that latest update. It's not clear what they mean by that, but looks like they mean any 45nm CPU.

    As to cleaning the heatsink/CPU I think you should go ahead and do it over. It's not that big a deal and it could have picked up particles that would impair cooling.

    Use a coffee filter to wipe it off then reapply (lint free). No need to completely remove all traces of the paste, as long as it's the same kind. You don't even need to remove all the paste from the grooves. Just need a fresh layer so that you avoid potential contamination.
  24. Alright! So I just updated the BIOS etc.. and it's sort of fixed. When I tried installing the BIOS it told me it didn't install correctly when it went to the 64bit folder so then it tried to install into the 32 bit folder. Results are that at IDLE when i look at the BIOS I get 34-35C Idle! (yay!)

    Unfortunately once I log into windows the new bios gets kicked in the head and reverts back to the old bios as CPU-Z shows. Any ideas?


    As you can see it says the BIOS version is F1 instead of F2.

    Maybe I need to reinstall, anyone know how to do that?

    Edit: I am running 64 bit home premium SP1
  25. If you don't have any other problems, you might just stay with that BIOS. Just subtract 15 degrees next time you check temps.
  26. Anyone know how I could fix the temp readings once I'm in vista? It's hard to stress test/OC otherwise.

    It seems HWMonitor is still telling me 45 idle and whatnot, but CoreTemp and RealTemp (set with TJMax at 95) say that idle is 37 and load is 50C. Seems good? Ready to try and overclock maybe.
  27. You could probably bump it to 400 FSB with no problems.

    Are you fairly certain this is only a sensor problem? It's not the CPU being stressed by some incorrect BIOS setting?

    I did note that the CPU-Z reading of VID looks good.
  28. So I just pushed it to 400 FSB at 1.2500V
    seems to be running ok so far. idle is 42-43C from real temp and load is 55C at the very peak.

    think voltage is too high? I guess prime95 will tell.
  29. Here's the pic of it running Prime95, no errors yet, (though it's only been running for like 20 min or something)

  30. Sounds good :)
  31. I've got my 8400 oc to 4.0 ghz and the highest my temps hit are 59c in core temp and 49 in real. I'm using Zerotherm Nirvana 120 cooler. I think your temps are safe though I just wouldn't oc any higher
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