300GB Velociraptor noise

I just built a new rig and It works great. I hear a noise though and I'm just wondering if it's normal. It's a high pitch noise (similar sounding to a tv when it's on mute in a quite room) it seems to come from the 10,000 Rpm velociraptor drive. I've never owned one of these. Is that a normal noise?
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  1. I have a quiet case, so I don't notice mine. My fan noise on low is louder. The VR does spin faster at 10k rpm, so I suppose there should be some sound from that.
    Monitor the SMART statistics, perhaps using speedfan and check that all the numbers are green.
  2. Cool. I'll check that out thanks.
  3. Raptors are noisy yes. When its spinning in a bad case especialy when its new you can get a noise like you speak of.
  4. My Velociraptors are quieter than any other desktop drive I've ever used, mainly because they are 2.5" (IIRC, the old raptors were loud though).
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