Gigabyte Robust Graphics Booster??

Hi all,

ive just been looking through my bios and found a robust graphics booster (i will call r.b.g from now) option which has a decription saying enhances VGA cards perfromance.

there are 3 options... auto, fast, turbo
so since i have great cooling on my 8800gt (thermaltake duorb - load = 48c) i decided to put it on turbo and try it out

but when i looked at GPU-Z there hasnt been a change in core clock or memory clock but on C:Source max settings on dust i went from 140-170fps to 180-240fps

does anyone know what it does? because this obviously an amazing otion in my opinion.
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  1. I found this link on it from gigabyte but it doesn't really explain it in detail:
    "GIGABYTE's R.G.B. optimized graphics cards pump GPU and VGA memory performance to the max"
    It does sound interesting if it really increased your fps rate.
  2. well, if you invested 1-2 mins of your precious time into using google, you would have found this:

    from what i gathered - it increases your GPU frequency, but only under heave load (when gaming) that's why you didn't see anything in GPU-Z
  3. ill try it out, i seen that first link but closed it when it didnt loook like my bios xD
    urm ill reply once tested
  4. "...allows to increas the frequency of the chipset graphic core..."

    Ummm, seems to me this applies to a board like my GA-G33M-DS2R, which has onboard graphics. I'm not using it, and you probably aren't either if you play games, so making that setting change either won't do anything or it will add heat.
  5. Used to set it to Turbo to OC my 7600GT on 945P-DS3. It ran fine for a year before I upgraded to 8800GT and P35-DS3. Everest showed core and memory oc'd by 10% and 5% respectively. I read somewhere R.G.B is safely tweaked by Gigabyte engineers, so it's free to try.
  6. hmm, binh when u set it to turbo did it show the oc on a programme like gpu-z, like was the core clock or memory clock higher... because on mine they are at default and when i run a game they seem mto stay at default (i havnt really found a good way to test), but my fps has increased in games

    so tbh i have no idea xD .. any1 else?
  7. I've also got a Gigabyte board with R.G.B. and it dose exactly what you've described, it OC's the mem and core frequency on the graphics card. In my case this doesn't result in much of a FPS boost, but then again I'm running a 7900GS so that's probably why. Hopefully with two 8800GT's that I'm getting next week I'll see some better results, but than again I probably wont need a boost then (;

    And to answer an earlier question I do see the mem and core frequency increase in my monitoring programs.
  8. but the thing is programmes arnt showing a overclock, can u actually see your overclock? like in a programme or do they say default settings but ur getting better performance? this is really confusing me xD
  9. to see what happens during the game, run Rivatuner. ITs graphs will show you how respective frequencies changed. In fact, since I have a Gigabyte board, I'm gonna do that myself.

    Results to follow.
  10. xD zoz u posted 2 secs after me, river tuner dont work with me coz i got vista 64 but plz post ur results :)
  11. damn it. I ran the fuzzy cube, and I ran Oblivion - rivatuner showed no changes in frequencies.
  12. I can actually see my overclock, my mem and core are higher than default settings under auto if i set it to turbo, and i can see this all the time with monitoring programs weather in game or not.
  13. what programme u use?
    to see core and memory
  14. Ok to see the if the R.G.B is working just download AtiTool and run a Artifact Scan, and after about 30sec. open up GPUZ or something smiler and check the clock speeds.

    1337th post! leet! :lol:
  15. doing what u said my clocks havnt changed
  16. i use nVidia system monitor and some biostar app that came with the card, cant remember the name off hand, but nVidia system monitor i trust to give the correct frequencies.
  17. With some additional googling I found this test showing improved game performance from PC Perspective.

    And from FiringSquad
    Tomas Lee, who is Marketing Manager for Gigabyte USA, explained that both of those features are actually overclocking options. He stated:
    The Robust Graphics Booster will allow the chipset and GPU to synchronize together in maximizing the GPU Clock speed in order to enhance the graphics performance, kind of like NVIDIA LinkBoost Technology.
  18. nice searching m8 on tht pc perspective i cant believe tht was the results they get when i get quite a bit of extra fps
  19. hi all i have GA-G41Mt-S2p built in vga and i change the robust setting to turbo then my northbridge always heat then dots started to appears and the PC freeze
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