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Hello guys, here's my system :

Asus A8N SLi premium
AMD 64bit dualcore 4200+
2gig DDR
280 gig Maxtor hard drive
7900GTX x 2
Tagan 700watt sli comlient PSU

Hi guys, I'm really sorry for posting this stupid question but what is the latest driver for my cpu? I recently installed it, and it works fine. In wow at the moment there is a problem with dual core cpu's that effect the character turning, some people on the boards claimed to have fixed it by updating their cpu driver.

I found this http://www.amd.com/gb-uk/Processors/TechnicalResources/0,,30_182_871_13118,00.html

But like i say, i've never really done this before and i'm not sure which i should bother with that would effect my problem, besides the optimizer which i installed and seen no difference.

ty for any advice.
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  1. download cpu-z and check if windows is recognizing both cores. did you upgrade from a single core cpu? if you did you might have to reinstall windows in order for windows to recognize both cores, UNLESS they did a patch of some sort. its been a while since i played with amd cpus.. good luck and enjoy your new cpu.
  2. Yes you need to install the dual core optimiser, no, you don't need to reinstall windows.

  3. Some software(maybe WOW is included, who knows never played it...) does not react well to dual core cpu's. This can cause them to actually run slower... the dual core optimizer is designed to make such programs run on 1 cpu. This eliminates the problem.

    So short answer yes, go get it....

    Also note that in some cases MMO's load large amounts of data on the fly(distant characters and buildings, textures ect)...this can cause lag when you look into an area with lots of players. Too many players(WOW has lots) can also cause lag by rendering too much(i have no clue how well WOW is supposed to run, but too much of anything can cause lag)....

    Since you state you installed it....try to turn off cool' n quiet in the bios and see if it helps any. Some games do not like changing clock speeds
  4. Try using "Task Manager" to set the affinity of WoW to a single CPU as a test. If it helps, we can go from there.
  5. Thanks, going to test the single affinity tonight.
  6. One of the more recent patches for WoW optimized the code for multi-core machines. I have a 6750 and a 8800 GT and my FPS meter stays pegged at 60 no matter where I am. I haven't experienced any of the turning issues you mentioned.

    Are you on broadband or dialup?

    Just to compare, I ran an Opty 185 previous to my Intel machine and never had issues with that setup either.
  7. Ok the turning goes back to smooth and fluid when i make the game run on either cpu 0 or cpu 1, if both are active then i get the turning jitter again.
  8. Oh sorry Thanatos, yeah i'm on broadband 8mb
  9. is it possible that your game looks choppy due to frames rendering too fast and tearing....try to turn on Vsync(should be in the options or your nvidia control panel)...

    Also try to turn with the keyboard....some people are sensitive to mice with low reports per second
  10. Yeah i play with vsync on all the time. I turned it off to see if it would makea difference and it was horribly laggy.

    I also tested to see if the character turning was different with the keyboard and its exactly the same :(
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